Is Low Testosterone Killing Your Vibe?

Manopause: The New Midlife Crisis That’s Now Affecting Millennials & Even Gen Z


Low "T" Syndrome

I originally wrote this blog back in 2015 when Time magazine came out with this provocative feature story about men experiencing a midlife crisis – similar to menopause – due declining vital hormonal changes. Fast forward to this Modern reality and now we are seeing men in their prime in their early 30’s and 40’s also suffering from the symptoms of low testosterone that usually only affect men in their mature years. Regardless of the age group, the miserable suffering from low testosterone has the same results weather you are in your mid-50’s or mid-30’s: low sex drive, feeling unmotivated, weight-gain, moodiness, depression and overall blahs! Unfortunately modern medicine’s approach has not really changed since 2015: they have actually doubled down by offering younger generations over-the-counter pharmaceutical solutions like erectile dysfunction drugs and expensive fertility clinics for men with low sperm counts. Unfortunately, the pharmaceutical approach only has a short-term solution without ever really addressing the underlining health problems; and like with all drugs, there are consequential side effects!

UberVitality embraces more of a healthy, educational, progressive approach by creating awareness about how to naturally increase your vital hormones to feel and look your very best, without relying on expensive artificial testosterone-mimicking drugs.

What Are Low “T”  Symptoms?

Men, like women, are affected by hormonal changes throughout life. The difference is that women are much more in touch with their bodies than men. Consequently, many men in their 40’s, 50’s and even younger may suffer from depression, lack of energy and low libido, and can’t seem to lose those extra pounds around the midline. Many men attribute these health issues to getting older and don’t realize that it’s a decline in testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH) combined with insulin resistance (caused by eating too many carbohydrates).

Most men have a serious lack of awareness about hormonal changes. Until recently, the media has been in denial about what is now being nicknamed “manopause” – a term coined by Time magazine in its August 2015 issue. Millions of men are suffering from low testosterone, aka “low T”. The feature article focuses on the new and booming $2 billion dollar testosterone drug industry. Low T centers are popping-up like Starbucks targeting aging men with promises of “power, performance, and passion” (see the Time article). A similar boom occurred with drug companies when they introduced women’s hormonal replacement therapy, or HRT, to combat menopause back in the 90’s.

The problem with using bio-identical testosterone therapy as a long-term health solution is that it creates exogenous dependency where you are no longer able to produce testosterone without the drug. Kind of like heroine. That’s not to say that there are absolutely no benefits. Exogenous testosterone does have a positive hormonal application in a limited number of situations. Like after having your prostate removed due to cancer and other very specific health issues. Basically, if you have no other options and your body is unable to produce testosterone even with the support of advanced nutritional therapy.

But the price is way too high for the average guy who is suffering from the midlife “blahs.” Not only is it detrimental to your health to be chemically dependent on a pharmaceutical, but the financial cost is around $400 per month (or $5,000 per year) according to Time Magazine. Wow, that’s some expensive juju!

Believe it or not, men actually have the ability to naturally increase their “T” and the youth-creating HGH hormone. The benefits are tremendous and include higher energy and sex drive, lower body fat, increased athletic performance, and a greater sense of emotional wellbeing.

Estrogen Disruptors!

Balancing hormonal health and metabolism is more complex than just taking a magic pill or injection. What the article fails to mention is that a major contributing factor to “low T,” even in young men, are the foods we eat and environmental estrogen disruptors! Better known as xenoestrogens, they’re chemicals that enter our body via tap water, plastics, pesticides and herbicides, beauty products and more. A lifetime of exposure to xenoestrogens is having a huge impact on the human race. Scientific studies have shown that they contribute to all sorts of cancers, including breast and prostate. The male body does need estrogen, but in then the right ratio to testosterone. But too much estrogen lowers “T” and has serious biological effects. And if you’re overweight, it’s a double whammy to your “T,” because estrogen is stored in your fat tissue (think beer belly and love handles). Considering that two-third of Americans are over-weight and 33% are obese, it is no wonder we have a growing male population with severe “low T” symptoms. Insulin resistance and high blood sugar are other huge contributing factors to low male hormones and weight around the mid-section.

Brief list of Estrogen Disruptors: 

  • BGH or bovine growth hormone found in non-organic meat and dairy
  • Non-organic foods sprayed with pesticides and herbicides
  • Plastic containers used to store food and water
  • BPA found in all sorts of containers, including cans
  • Pharmaceuticals (including hormone birth control) in tap water
  • IPA beer is high in hops that act as weak phyto-estrogens
  • Flax seeds, lentils also act as week phyto-estrogens
  • Soy foods like soy milk, tofu, soy protein powder (back in 2000’s soy products were the hottest new product trends, consumer’s ought to be skeptical of new food trends like fake meat substitutes, etc)
  • Vegan diet void of animal fats and cholesterols, which are building blocks of all steroid hormones, including testosterone sex driver for men & women
  • Statin Lowering Cholesterol Drugs: Blocking cholesterol metabolism is well known for affecting testosterone production in both sexes!

Modern Living Unseen, Undetectable Male Emasculator & Female Hormone Disruptors

In the modern tech world, where the average household has 7 tech devices in its household all using non-native electro magnetic frequencies (nnEMF’s) spectrum like 2.4 gigahertz (WiFi) and cellular 5G network. All man-made frequencies – outside of what nature intended, like from the sun or terrestrial grounding – are technically nnEMF’s. And these manmade foreign frequencies have a profound effect upon your cellular function that dictates your sex drive, fertility, metabolism (weight gain), immune system, and brain neurotransmitters like the feel good ones (serotonin) and your day/night clock hormone regulator (melatonin). To keep it brief, I’m not going to go into this in-depth topic that even most natural and alternative practitioners are not aware of – the collateral damage from the conveniences of modern living. If you want to learn more about how to “live” with technology and how bio-hack your environment, I have a whole chapter on “how to thrive in modern tech world”:

Back in my early 40’s (2006) when I was a media publisher within the natural product industry I had my hormone labs checked and unbeknownst to me my testosterone levels were pretty low for being relatively young and active. I was pushing envelope like many males in their early 40’s working, traveling and weight traning 3-4 times per week. Desipte my diligent efforts, I had created a hormonal stress feedback loop that trashed my vital hormone biomarkers like testosterone and cortisol (exercise actually can make it worse), which leads to weight gain regardless how much you exercise and diet! And the natural practitioner prescribed me a bunch of expensive  supplements that never really addressed the underlying cause of the hormone disruptions.  Here is a picture of myself in my late 30’s on my once-a-year tropical vacation in Costa Rica compared to the current picture of me at the waterfalls in Mexico.  In hindsight, the hormonal imbalances I experienced back in my 30’s are now more of a rule than the exception.


Like I said, infertility clinics that charge $10k-$20k are printing money from infertile couples desperately seeking solutions, without ever getting any real reasons for why they cannot reproduce naturally! And testosterone clinics are the new normal. What are the causes of these new, modern hormonal disruptions in males and females? The short answer – modern living environments. Places where you live/work/exercise have a profound effect on your mitochondria, the cellular engine. In other words, your cellular energy function is determined by your mitochondria, the little sub-compartments inside every cell inside your body that has its own DNA separate from your nuclear DNA. This cellular engine determines how healthy you are and how efficiently your body functions. For example, back in my 30’s and 40’s, my cellular engine was running more like a Ford Pinto than a Ferrari, unbeknownst to me. I thought I was doing everything right, like exercising regularly, taking lots of the highest quality supplements and exclusively eating an organic diet. But my engine was still misfiring, despite putting the best quality fuel in it! It took years of research and experimentation to get me to that optimal state of being that I’m in right now, and I’m ready do share that knowledge with other men who are experiencing that same modern world plague. In short, this is why I have developed what I call the “Primal Health” (applied Quantum Biology) system, applying the wisdom of traditional healing practices to achieve optimal wellness.

If you’re interested in achieving optimal wellness, there are natural and healthy options without side effects. Like I said, there are no magic pills, but at UberVitality I’ve developed a proven natural approach to get your vitality (aka juju!) back! Check out my program below and stay tuned for the second part of this blog series.

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