100 Million Americans Suffering From DIET!(Dogmatic Idiotic Extreme Torture)

Does this sounds like an outrageous description about dieting? Not if you, or someone you know who is constantly suffering from the latest diet fad, merry-go-round caloric restrictive diet, excessive exercise regime and after all that work and sacrifice, and they still cannot get any real results! The June 2017 Time magazine cover issue depicts the desperate state of American’s with it’s cover title “The Weight loss Trap.” When you take into account that 40 percent of Americans are clinically considered obese and the general population are over weight. Seventy percent to be exact, or 154 million Americans according to CDC are over-weight. That is what I would consider an epidemic, like a disease you can catch from a co-worker, but we all know that that is not the simple case! The Time feature story does a good job not coming up with a simple explanation, like just eat Paleo, or vegan. Anyone who is struggling with weight issues has most likely already contributed to the $66 billion dollar diet industry with all of its empty promises! Last year, NIH spent almost $1 billion on researching obesity and diet, and so far there were no profound conclusions or real solutions for individuals to adopt. The researcher’s realize this is very complex issue, without a one remedy solution. Here is a link to feature http://time.com/magazine/us/4793878/june-5th-2017-vol-189-no-21-u-s/

I have compassion for those dieter’s who feel they are constantly failing or not totally satisfied in being able to keep off the excessive weight. And especially after losing that initial weight, and then getting it all back! (Urgh)  And dieter’s typically think they have tried every approach in the book, but despite their discipline and diligent efforts seem to fall short reaching their ideal weight. Well, I am hear to tell you that it’s not necessarily your fault and what compounds the situation is all of the confusing information around health. There always seems to be a food guru expert (paleo, vegan, vegetarian, raw foodist’s) lurking around every corner who has just the right advice. Like your twenty year-old something Cross-fit trainer, your co-worker, your significant other, brother or sister or even a T.V. celebrity like Dr. Oz. Even Oprah with all of her vast amount of resources, her weight is like a yo-yo going up and down! When you take into consideration that the predominant way to lose weight is coming from the food, fitness and the dietary supplement industrie(s). And I know all about the diet, energy pill claims, working as a practitioner at a pharmacy.  And despite the food guru’s dogma, and the cross-fitter’s WOD’s military drills, these approaches are not generating long lasting results for everyone.  If all of these health industries were providing successful results, then why are 100 million Americans dieting on any given day?

Well, here is the good news, and this all depends upon how stuck you are in defending your diet dogma around food! And actually what I am proposing to you is an unconventional approach towards optimal wellness beyond just weight loss! The most important perspective is keeping an open mind towards an alternative solution that is scientifically proven and grounded in common sense! What if I told you that most of your health issues has less to do with food and exercise and more to do with the environment you have created for your living cells? I am referring to unforeseen technologies that you have never considered before that is probably the major co-contributing factor to not reaching your health goal, weather that be losing weight, or being dis-ease free!

Weight Loss- Is There More To It Than Meets The Eye?

healthWe all know someone who seems to be doing all the right things when it comes to trying to live a healthy lifestyle. They eat right, exercise and stay active, but despite their admirable efforts still struggle with various health issues. For example, many people struggle to lose weight. Even those of us who are generally healthy often find it hard to shed those few extra pounds! And then there is another set of individuals I see at the pharmacy who look healthy on the outside, but suffer from some kind of modern-day disease they have to treat with pharmaceuticals. All these people are making an honest effort to be healthy, but they still come up short on meeting their health goals. And it can sometimes feel like these goals are unattainable with so much effort being invested emotionally and financially with no real return! So, What are we missing if we are doing all the right things from a modern health perspective?

Before I give an answer to this complex question, I have to caution you: it may challenge your dogma, current belief system, ego, and how much you have already invested in your idea of how to achieve your health goals.

If achieving optimal health was only about food and exercise, then why have the majority of health conscious consumers have not been able obtain wellness permanently?  In order to get a greater perspective, let’s take look at the population participation trends in the fitness and natural product industry. Some stats to keep in mind on how fast and big the organic industry is growing: not everyone exercises, but everyone eats!

  • Natural/organic retail has been growing every year, over 10% a year since the 90’s
  • Natural & Organic food sales $67 billion in 2015
  • 78 percent of organic buyers say they typically buy their organic foods at conventional food stores
  • Availability of organic products is no longer limited to health food stores, you can find them in over 20,000 natural food stores and nearly 3 out of 4 grocery stores in the country
  • Amazon giant gone wild on Natural Foods industry purchase of Whole Foods Market

All That Fitness & Still Can’t Lose Weight?

TreadmillobesityScience is finally catching up with the fact that approaching obesity with exercise as the primary panacea has not proven to be successful for most trying to lose weight. The Time article states the following “What scientists are uncovering should bring fresh hope to the 155 million Americans who are overweight, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Leading researchers finally agree, for instance, that exercise, while critical to good health, is not an especially reliable way to keep off body fat over the long term. And the overly simplistic arithmetic of calories in vs. calories out has given way to the more nuanced understanding that it’s the composition of a person’s diet–rather than how much of it they can burn off working out–that sustains weight loss.”

Are you one of the 55 million-fitness club goers’ who belong to one of the 36,180 health clubs contributing to the $25 billion fitness industry?  And still can’t lose weight? There has been an explosion of the fitness industry with crossfit gyms, personal trainers, yoga, and dance studios. Over the decades attending health clubs I have noticed many people who are working out hard with personal trainers, doing strength training, core exercises, and taking yoga classes, but despite their diligent efforts, they’re still not getting the results they want in terms of being able to shed those extra pounds! Keep in mind though, that all of the fitness, yoga, and crossfit are done in indoor gyms and that means your exercising in an artificial blue lit environment, versus outdoors under nature’s canopy of natural lighting.

Obesity an Epidemic in the USA?

obesitytrendsAccording to Time magazine, “In 1990, adults with obesity made up less than 15% of the U.S. population. By 2010, most states were reporting obesity in 25% or more of their populations. Today that has swelled to 40% of the adult population. For kids and teens, it’s 17%.”

Looking at the aggressive growth rate of obesity in this trending chart it sure appears like obesity is a disease, rather than a lifestyle issue.  According to JAMA’s recent study, obesity in 2013-2014 was 35% among men and 40% among women. And on any given day over 100 million Americans are dieting.

A snap shot of obesity in the Unites States: US Obesityin 1994 it did not really exit! But in 2008 weight gain and obesity (red states) is rampant throughout most of the country. It is absolutely a profound shift! And I bet if one analyzed the metabolic disease growth between 1994 and 2008 they would also see an unbelievable upward shift. This is a starling societal health shift in such a short period of time. Even if it’s only a generation (30-50 years), it is still quite a profound shift from an evolutionary standpoint.

So, the billion-dollar question is: what is causing such a shift in the health status of America in such a short period of time? I do not believe we can just blame GMOs, high-fructose foods. There is more to this health crisis than meets the eye!

So, I am going to go out on the limb here with this observation. What societal cultural shift happened in the early 2000’s? The massive introduction of the Internet, WiFi, and cell phone technologies. Fast forward to present day and it is ubiquitous in any city or town in the USA, particularly in big cities! I remember getting my first cell phone from work back in 1997 and beginning to actively use the Internet in the early 2000’s. More and more research findings are supporting the notion that non-native, electromagnetic frequencies from all kinds of modern devices are affecting our health. Even though this is a new area of research, what I find interesting is the correlation between the introduction of these technologies and rapid growth of health issues. It will be interesting to see how the health status changes as society continues to introduce more technology like 5G (everything of internet, faster download speeds, means more high powered non-native EMF’s exposure i.e., smart meters). So far, it’s not looking good, despite the awareness level around healthy foods and a growing fitness industry.

weightlosspicTo add insult, consumers spend over $64 billion dollars a year on diet related products. From diet centers, surgery, diet related beverages and diet type of supplements. One has to take into consideration that 65% (2 out 3) of Americans are over-weight, and one-third is considered obese! People who are overweight over a lifetime often develop one of the main metabolic inflammatory diseases, such as high blood pressure, insulin resistance (pre-diabetes), and heart disease.

What About Organic Premium Foods & Vitamins?

OrganicSales2015Here is a quick observation: the organic industry has grown 300 percent in the last 10 years. It is worth over $45 billion dollars.  Even fast food chains like McDonald’s recently announced closing of 500 outlets. And other major brands are jumping on the “better for you” money bandwagon as the likes of Wal-mart, Coca Cola, General Mills, Kraft are all selling the organic and natural “green Kool-Aid.” Because it’s profitable! But despite the double-digit growth rate, thousands of new products introduced every year, and nationwide availability of natural and organic foods, weight gain and obesity continue to grow. There are many contributing factors to obesity, but I find it interesting that Americans are getting fatter despite having access to high quality foods and fitness clubs.

proteinpowdersPerhaps one of the reasons why Americans are struggling with weight gain is that they replaced mainstream artificial packaged foods with natural and organic ones, without changing how they eat. Well, just because it’s organic does not mean it is necessarily nutritious. If you are mostly buying packaged foods, then it has been processed, stripped of vitamins and denatured on some level.

chipsHave you ever noticed all of the chips that are lined up throughout the store? And all of the gluten-free nonsensical products that use potato or rice starch? Your cells are not craving simple sugars, but good wholesome food! Eating processed carbohydrates throws a double whammy on your waistline adding to the metabolic mayhem caused by stress, bad genetics, hormonal imbalance and low vitamin D levels.

End of part I, more to come.

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