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55 – Year-old Quantum Health Coach, who’s motto is anyone can “Thrive At Any Age” with the right information and practice (energy entrainment!) My name is Mauricio Lluch, and I’m the founder of UberVitality’s men’s and women’s quantum health coaching consulting, located in Boulder, Colorado. My virtual and hands on coaching approach is beyond your traditional nutritionist, or gym trainer.

Here is a brief metaphor that describe’s my Quantum Health coaching approach:

  •  your body and mind are designed to perform like a formula-one race car! The traditional nutritionist, medical, alternative and personal trainer focus upon the fuel (food) you put into the engine (body, mind).
  • the Quantum biology approach primarily focuses upon how well your “engine” is performing, versus the “fuel” type. If you your formula vehicle is worth $10 million, does it make more sense to make sure your engine is fined tuned and running efficiently at top performance, or focus on the type of fuel? Most trainers, focus upon the fuel type and exercise (laps), while the client’s engine is totally misfiring and blowing black smoke (i.e., sluggish metabolism, systemic bodily inflammation, sleep disorders, mood disorders, low sexual drive, etc).
  • The Quantum approach (think of energy efficiency of the cells) focus’s upon the formula-one engine and it’s environment that it’s performing in.
  • The Quantum heath approach is not some esoteric theory, but it’s grounded in scientific literature about the mitochondria! You probably have never heard this term, but the mitochondria is part of the cell that is responsible for energy! Yes, this subset of the cellular structure determines your energy levels, metabolism, quality of sleep, blood-sugar balance, and weather you are healthy or dealing with a acute or chronic disease.
  • With goal of keeping this  explanation brief, when you learn a new fitness movement pattern, or new language, you are creating a new  mitochondria network that acts like a neuron highway providing energy and feedback about the environment you are in. The heart and brain are the organs that have most abundant mitochondria- that should give a clue of the importance of these engine cells!
  • To win the longevity, performance race, one must have a comprehensive understanding of all of the environmental inputs (i.e. ancestral genetic linage) knowledge of the design inputs of the engine (ancestral DNA genetics) and identify the right environment (living/working conditions)  that allows that engine to “thrive” at optimal levels
  • Not all engines (genetics) are created equal, and different environmental inputs and variables affect the performance of your formula-one engine!
  • In summary, based upon the Quantum health approach the idea of a single panacea that solves everyone’s health issue like just do  keto, paleo, low carbs, raw, vegan, etc is a misleading formula towards failure with never ending chasing the next diet fad, exercise regimen.  If you want to “Thrive At Any Age” that means you got build your energy core from the foundation!

My Quantum Health coaching program is about creating lifetime transformational shift in health and overall well being. The results will vary for every individual depending upon what is their current health status, but regardless you will experience a healthier body image, sharper mind function, better mood, less pain (inflammation) and more vitality! I provide specific health protocols 9education) that walk you thru each step towards wellness, so you can start relying less upon food, supplements, alcohol, prescriptions, etc to feel better and have more energy. The end goal is transformation, but it’s a journey, and this instant gratification reality, I find individuals can create unrealistic expectations of desiring overnight success! SO what is required? Commitment, which requires open mind and desire to make lifestyle changes. Suffering is not required, especially if you have been exposed to what I refer to as DIET (Dogmatic Idiotic Extreme Torture!)
The main goal will be building your quantum foundation, quantum being (energy efficiency). How much energy do you require and what  are the primary inputs you are relying upon (i.e., food).  That means optimizing your epigenetic’s and also getting your vital hormones to optimal levels naturally! While diet and exercise are part of the equation to staying healthy, they are not necessarily the foundational pillars to achieving optimal wellness. Unless you have been focusing upon building your foundational quantum battery (chi, prana).  You most likely are following the misguided, confused crowd that are chasing every newest fitness program, latest food trend, or the latest weight loss promise, but despite your diligent, admirable efforts, you may still feel like you are not reaching your ideal health goal, or experiencing a dis-ease free reality!

Today’s Modern View of Health

The definition of being healthy in this modern world means you are going have to spend hundreds of dollars every month on health insurance, the latest gourmet farm to table food restaurants, latest health food products, dietary supplements, latest elimination diets, trainers, gym memberships and fitness apps. And if you are dealing with a serious health condition, then you most likely you will have to encounter the healthcare system, which is expensive and never really provides any long-term solutions beyond dependency on drug prescriptions. As a practitioner at an integrated Pharmacy (Pharmaca), I see individuals relying on prescriptions, which usually have multiple side and adverse effects upon the patient. And some folks believe that taking a multi-vitamin, or any kind of specialized type of vitamin is going to fix their problem. In your personal life, have you found this to be the case? Perhaps this what got you here, you have exhausted every avenue and still not totally satisfied with your health status. Unless you focus on building your quantum foundation you will continue to chase the never ending maze of confusing information that surrounds health. Let me provide a simple metaphor. As we all are aware the foundation of a house is the most important part of having a solid house. Unless you have a solid foundation, does it make sense to continue to invest in home improvements? Or the way I see it, our body and mind are designed to perform like a formula one race-car at 200 miles per hour. And the heart of the master piece design is the engine, but if the engine is miss-firing, blowing black smoke and running at partial full throttle. Does it matter what kind of paint job, performance tires, suspension system you invest in? The bottom line is the foundation, unless you invest into the heart of the issue, you will continue to be spending your hard earn money on peripheral, superficial solutions that never really fix the foundational health issues!

Does Your Environment Have A Impact On Your Health?

Modern medicine is founded upon the hypotheses that individuals have an 80% predisposition for a disease to manifest based upon their parents bad genetics that they inherited. And this predominant medical model is very deterministic perception towards disease, which results in a very little room for prevention and wellness, since the dominant thinking is that any individual has a high genetic predisposition towards a given potential disease.
A new more progressive model towards health called epigentics, which is based upon the idea that optimal wellness is obtainable and diseases are curable, based upon the environment that you create for your genes and cells. The Genome Project, a multi-billion dollar study proved it’s all about the environment you create for your genes, weather the predisposition of any bad gene turns into a full blown disease. For example, the actress Angelina Jolie unnecessarily had a double breast mastectomy as a prevention measure, even though she did not have breast cancer at the time of surgery. The medical model assumed that she had a high percentage disposition for breast cancer based upon having a predisposition for breast cancer gene, even though it was not active.
Modern World Electromagnetic Frequency Exposure
What if weight gain, metabolic syndrome, diabetes, inflammation and many related diseases have more to do with the cellular environment we create for expression of our genes, versus inheriting those diseases? Welcome to the modern age, where wifi, cellular towers non-native EMF’s are emitting 24/7, weather you are using it or not, we are all exposed to it, unless  your are living in a rural location. Today, if you want to “thrive at any age” then one must take into account what has dramatically changed in our environment in the last 100 years.  Here is just one non-food, non diet, non-fitness example.  What kind of environment is your cellular structure living in and working in today? Because in today’s 24/7 electromagnetic frequency high-tech modern environment one has take their day and night environment into consideration. Why does this matter? Because depending upon you health status, EMF’s are shown to have an affect on your well being from sleep disruption, diabetes, weight gain, and inflammatory diseases. The affect upon well being, depends upon many variables, but the good news the negative effects of modern living can be mitigated with proper education and biological hacking tools.

What is Quantum Health?

UberVitality’s approach is more in alignment with epigenetic philosophy. Basically the genetics you inherit from your parents is like a loaded gun, what triggers the gun, (bad genes) is the environment you create for those genes. It’s all about being proactive and creating an environment that allows your genes to flourish! And that means optimizing your circadian biology in an environment that is not hospitable towards your biology. There is a lot more to it, but nevertheless optimizing your circadian biology and hormones will provide the vitality you would like to experience, so you can live the life you love!  And that means you have to be proactive, have an empowerment attitude towards health. Nothing is absolute when comes to predicating disease, but what is known is that the environment you create for genes and cellular structure is the most important! The probability of inheriting bad genes that manifest into a full blown disease is only about 20% chance at best. In other words, you have 80% chance to positively affect your health, if you are in harmony with your environment. You noticed I said environment, and not food!
When I picture optimal wellness, I must admit I think of the ancient cultures like the Spartan’s, Mayan’s, Aztec’s, Native Americans. Not so long ago Native American’s before they were “cultured” into modern society, they flourished in terms of living to a ripe old age in a natural environment. What I find interesting about these “uncivilized” cultures that they did not suffer from the modern day dis-eases we have today. Here is a prime example how the state of health in the modern world continues to decline. In the 1930’s colon cancer was ranked as 37th for leading cause of death. Today, colon cancer accounts as the 3rd leading cause of death in America!  Yes, you read that correctly, so within less than hundred years all sorts of cancers that did not exit before are now rampant today, in this so called modern healthcare age. So, this my point, the new modern approach towards health is failing horribly, when you consider the disease stats and the quality of life that is being offered. I would like you to consider another, simpler approach, more of a primal way of approaching optimal wellness that has been timed tested for hundreds of years before all of the modern, expensive, complicated approaches were adopted.

It’s Time To Thrive at Any Age!

UberVitality: increase your life force for things you love to do
Activate Metabolism: transform your metabolism to burn calories efficiently, become a lean-machine at any age, rather than settling for “I am getting older” or the idea spending more time on the treadmill.
Activate Hormones: quantum build your body and mind and your hormones will slow down the aging process. You can increase your testosterone levels by 100%- 200%.

Get Leaner & Train Smarter:

Maximize your training results by optimizing your HGH (anti-aging hormone) and testosterone levels by using researched based high-intensity-training techniques
Maximize Physical Activity: get the visible results you want using your bio-chemistry to respond to your exercise efforts
Pain-free: wake-up without achy joints, achy muscles, reduce overall bodily inflammation!
Diet Mind Shift: transform your diet cravings towards nutritious whole foods diet, versus foods that steal your vitality!
Mental Sharpness: increase your metal focus, memory, reduce mental fatigue and elevate your mood naturally without pharmaceuticals
Feel 10 Years Younger: transform your body, mind back to a youthful state by optimizing your hormonal levels naturally
Boost Immunity: Build your critical immunity to combat exercise fatigue and sickness
Invest in Health: What is the best investment you can make today that will keep paying dividends for a lifetime? Here is a clue- it’s not your health insurance!
Maybe you’re in pretty good shape, but you just can’t loose those few extra pounds of fat around your belly or love handles. Or maybe you’ve been pre-occupied with your family and career and haven’t hit the gym in eons. Either way, Quantum Health Coach can change all that with proven techniques that will speed-up your metabolism and bring your body back to its original youthful condition. It’s not magic, it’s simply cause-and-effect based on a combination of hard science and holistic wisdom.

Top of My Game & Fit at 55!

When it comes to flexibility, muscle tone, core strength and cardiovascular health, I must admit that at my current age of 55, I’m in better health than I was in my 20’s or 30s! I want to share the secrets that I’ve discovered in order to help other men and women reach their peak physical potential. While it doesn’t hurt to look and feel Healthier, Stronger, and Sexier, it’s not a matter of vanity. Our health affects every area of our life, including our ability to be present with loved ones and to be productive in the world. While some of the benefits of my program include a more youthful and attractive body, core strength, and an increase in physical energy and endurance, the benefits actually go much deeper. This is not a skin-deep cosmetic makeover—this health and wellness coaching program will revitalize and nourish your entire body on cellular level, protecting you from male-specific vulnerabilities like low testosterone (Low T) and heart and cardiovascular issues.

What I can do for you:

Every client’s health goals and needs are unique based on such factors as: living and working environment, inherited genetics, body weight, frame, size, age, gender, fitness level and overall lifestyle preferences. UberVitalty’s goal is to:
Personalized a health and wellness: health program is tailored to your specific health and fitness goals and ultimately works for your unique body
Full-body makeover: Your goal may be as simple as losing weight, increasing vitality or finding a solution to a specific health issue
Deliver results: an optimal health experience with visible results
Educate clients: on how to avoid excess estrogen and how to detoxify from life-long exposure to toxic substances as a result of living in the modern world
Increase your metabolism: testosterone, and HGH to optimal levels via a tailored nutrition, fitness, and dietary supplementation program

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Thrive At Any Age By Applying Science Based Nutrition & Fitness

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