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If you guessed working-out, then guess again, because the proof is in the numbers …Your diet has a 7 to 1 greater impact on losing weight than hitting the gym! Or you maybe more familiar with the 80%-20% rule. Where the average individual is eating 70%-80% of the time during any given day, week, month, or year, compared to any form of physical activity. So the bottom line if you want to lose weight the greatest impact will be based upon not necessarily exercising more on the treadmill, and trying to burn more calories. It has more to do with the quality of consumable inputs! Rather than chasing the treadmill you can actually increase your metabolism and burn more calories by consuming nutrient dense foods that nourishes the brain and body. Most people are slave to their hunger pains because their starving on a cellular level, but never really feeling satisfied after eating. This because they are not getting the critical, vital nutrients such as:

  • Essential fatty acids that increase brain power, memory, natures anti-inflammatory and provides hunger satiety
  • Macro and trace minerals are the cellular catalyst for energy, metabolism, hundreds of metabolic chemical process in the body that regulates your metabolism and balances your adrenal vitality (response to mental and physical stress)
  • Anti-oxidants from phyto-nutrients reduces free radical damage and pre-mature aging from inflammatory response to excessive exercise, aging process increases inflammatory aches and pains and toxicity from food and environmental factors slows down the body’s ability to get rid of unwanted chemicals and waste. Resulting in a slower, less efficient metabolism.
  • Too much of the wrong type of foods and foods high in antibiotics and growth hormones causes excessive weight gain. Resulting in disrupting your critical Hormonal system.

Do the math on food consumption versus physical activity:

  • Most individuals eat 3 meals per day, or consume 21 meals per week
  • And on average, individuals workout 3 times per week and sit at a desk 8 hours a day
  • From a ratio standpoint, average working individual eats 7 times for every 1 workout
  • Here is another way to understand this ratio: every 30 days the average individual will have consumed 90 meals and have exercised 12 times per month!
  • Your diet, unless you’re a gym-rat, has a 7 to 1 impact on losing weight! To lose weight and maximize your physical activity time, combine an optimal nutritional program and exercise and you will enjoy the “nutritional synergistic effect” which speeds-up your metabolism in order to keep your body weight at an optimal range!

Real Nutrition = Real Weight Loss!

Women, if you are between the ages of 30-50 year olds, and/or recently had children and cannot lose that that stubborn fat around the belly, thighs and hips. It most likely is combination of the following cirscustances for not getting the results you would like, eventhough it may feel like you are doing all the rights things in terms of exercising, eating and watching your calories. DO not despair there is absolute hope to transform your body again! You maybe experiencing one , or all of these health situations:

  1. aging & slower metabolism: effects your metabolism’s ability to run at efficient level, resulting unwanted weight-gain creeps in, since most people have a 9-5 office job and are not as active as they were in their 20’s.
  2. Starving on Celluar Level: even though your watching your food intake, you may be not choosing the rights foods for your body type. And even though you may be watching caloric intake, and feeling satisfied with your intake, you may be still starving for nutrtient dense type of inputs that optimize important glands like the thyroid, which is the body’s thermosat that controls how many calories you burn. Clinical research based upon 28,000 women tested for optimal thyroid health were sub-clinically deficient! About one-third-two-thirds of women are experiencing low thyroid for various reasons. Which results in under active and out of balance hormonal body system, where the weight gain creeps in over the years.
  3. Hormonal Imbalance: Unfortunately too much of a good thing, like excessive estrogen that causes an imbalance with progesterone levels and over burdens the livers ability to filter out the bad, artificial hydroxestrogen16 metabolite. Excessive estrogen either from the food supply, or the environment is deposited in the fatty tissue of women’s breast (cause for fibrocystic tender breast), ovaries and fat deposit in the thighs and hips! There is a reason why women who live the Western industrialize world who are exposed to excessive estrogen have higher rates of breast and ovarian cancer per capita than second or third world countries!The good news, through lifestyle changes and detoxification and awareness this can be reversed. And you can actually lose that stubborn fatty adipose tissue around the hips and thighs and live a healthy, vibrant life as you once did as a youthful individual. It’s combination of balancing your hormones and activating cellular metabolism to optimal levels!
  4. Stress Causes Weight Gain! Stress probably the number one reason for dis-ease and gaining weight! Not to mention sleepless nights! Also, pre-menopause and menopause life changes causes adrenal imbalance that results in weight gain and not sleeping well! If you live in the modern world juggling fast pace career, raising children or simply in life transition, then most likely you are fatigue and over-stressed! Which translates into hormonal imbalance, resulting in stubborn weight gain, low energy and sleepless nights!The solutions is bringing the body back to hormone homeostasis, restore the adrenal glands and reeducate how to better make healthy lifestyle choices, so you can become that beautiful, healthy being again!
  5. Wrong Type of Exercise: Unfortunately not all exercise, activities generate the same health results and benefits. The UberVitality goal with exercise is to activate your fat burning hormone and reap the benefits several hours after exercising where the body burns fat during recovery phase. These are specific type of exercises that activate the youthful muscles that are dormant in most individuals, which I like to refer to as the Spartan type of muscles. The treadmill, even yoga is not going to cut it, as you have already probably experienced! Sorry, I love yoga, but its benefits do have limitations. There are cardiovascular health benefits to aerobic exercise, but in terms of getting the most bang for your efforts, it’s secondary when comes to anaerobic type of exercise. Its like anything else in life, there are efficiencies and time-tested approaches to yield better results for your effort!

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