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Do you desire real health transformation that will deliver life long lasting results? Why should I invest in  a primal  health coach?  Simple answer, would you hire a certified, German specialist, to work on your high-performance 911 Porsche? Well, your body and mind are no different; they require the best quality, detailed care as well. Unlike a Porsche, each individual needs are unique to their genetics, age, gender, body constitution, metabolism and any health predispositions that they may have inherited. The biggest challenge when comes to health, is navigating all the confusion and misinformation about health. It is no wonder why so many individuals are not getting the results from modern medicine, gym trainer’s or the latest exercise regimen, or food diet.

My name is Mauricio Lluch, and I’m the founder of UberVitality’s men’s and women’s Primal  Health Coaching consulting, located in Boulder, Colorado. My virtual and hands on coaching approach is beyond your traditional nutritionist, or gym trainer.  My approach is about optimizing your quantum being. That means optimizing your circadian biology and also getting your vital hormones to optimal levels naturally! While food diet and exercise are part of the equation to stay healthy. They are not the  foundational pillars to achieving optimal wellness. Unless you have been focusing upon building your foundational quantum battery (chi, prana).  Then most likely you have been following the misguided, confused crowd that are chasing every newest fitness program, latest food trend, or the latest weight loss promise, but despite your diligent, admirable efforts, you may still feel like you are not reaching your ideal health goal, or experiencing a dis-ease free reality!

The Road to Wellness is Empowerment!

The purpose of a health, or wellness coach is not make you reliant on one, but to empower you to take control of your own health, and share with you proven circadian biology best practices to achieve optimal wellness! To learn more about the “quantum foundation” program” click on link:

Settle for Nothing Less Than Optimal Wellness!

How a health coach help you achieve optimal wellness:

UberVitality: increase your life force for things you love to do

Metabolism: transform your metabolism to burn calories efficiently, become a lean-machine at any age, rather than settling for “I am getting older” or the idea spending more time on the treadmill. Its time to approach health smarter by nourishing your metabolism

Maximize Core/Cardio: train smarter to increase your HGH (anti-aging hormone) and testosterone levels by using researched based training techniques

Pain-free: wake-up without achy joints, achy muscles, reduce overall bodily inflammation!

Diet Mind Shift: transform your diet cravings towards nutritious whole foods diet, versus foods that steal your vitality!

Mental Sharpness: increase your metal focus, memory, reduce mental fatigue and elevate your mood naturally without pharmaceuticals!

Feel 10 Years Younger: transform your body, mind back to a youthful state by optimizing your hormonal levels naturally

Maximize Physical Activity: get the visible results you want using your bio-chemistry to respond to your exercise efforts

Boost Immunity: Build your critical immunity to combat exercise fatigue and sickness

Invest in Health: What is the best investment you can make today that will keep paying dividends for a lifetime? Here is a clue- it’s not your health insurance!

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