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How is this possible? Well, I’m living proof. At 52 years of age, I look and feel about ten years younger! My physical health is like that of a 35 year old, and I can move and compete better than when I was in my 20’s or 30’s. It’s my passion to share 15 years worth of dedicated anti-aging research and trial and error with others who want to look and feel healthier, stronger, and sexier.

And what I’ve learned is not just skin-deep. I can show you how to drastically slow down the aging process, which will help prevent disease and other age-related illnesses–including inflammation, fatigue, low libido, slow metabolism, and joint muscle mobility. This can be done by optimizing your critical youthful hormone  HGH  (i.e.,Human Growth Hormone). HGH is responsible for keeping your skin firm and sculalent to burning fat in the abdomen in men and thighs and hips in women.

The Younger You Program is the first step towards optimizing your hormonal and nutritional well being. You’ll receive step-by-step instruction as well as in-person and telephone support to ensure your success. Your nutrition and exercise regimen will also be supported and strengthened by cutting-edge, scientifically proven supplements.

Why spend $1,000 every month or $12,000 – $20,000 annually on synthetic Human Growth Hormone shots (like many celebrities do) when they produce serious health consequences? The “Younger You” program provides even better results than HGH shots, because it naturally “triggers your biological” hormones to respond to new programming inputs (intelligent food, exercise and nutritional supplements).

You can reap all the benefits with none of the side effects naturally and safely for a fraction of the cost! Take your power back. Direct your destiny to a healthier, stronger, and sexier you!

Age-Defying Targeted Approach-Towards Youthfulness

In 2009 the Nobel Peace Prize for Medicine was given to geneticist’s who discovered what makes humans age! This tremendous discovery has lead a “niche,” a small segment within the modern medicine and anti-aging community to research the effects of foods, nutrition, exercise and environmental factors in slowing down the aging process. The scientific conclusion is real clear in terms what part of the DNA cell is responsible for slowing down the aging process.

The research shows that by lengthening your DNA telomeres and activating the telomerase (enzyme) has a profound effect and direct correlation to lessening the risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and many age-related diseases. Aging begins deep within the cellular DNA level, and understanding what influences the cellular environment in terms of slowing down the aging process is now attainable! But this discovery is still considered fairly new in terms of this information be applied to the medical field, nutritional industry and general populace.

Program Details:

  • A 45-day program:
  • Health Coach Consultations (in-person (local) or skype, phone calls, email follow-ups)
  • Includes a health protocol document on nutrition (diet); balancing blood-sugar levels (insulin); how to naturally increase testosterone & HGH using specific diet protocols, and dietary supplement recommendations
  • Weight Loss: learn which foods increase your metabolism naturally, versus the foods that are causing weight gain.  Learn how to increase the body’s internal thermostat (thyroid gland) to burn the excessive fat storage. Learn how to change your body and vital energy by becoming more lean and look and feel better about yourself!
  • Lose that stubborn belly fat: where traditional exercising (aerobics, strength-training) and mainstream diet is not effective in unlocking the superior muscle gene that generates larger dose of HGH, the master hormone that burns fat! Unhealthy middle aged, visceral fat stored around the mid-line for men and for women fat accumulates around the buttress, hips and thighs. Fat is the agonist to HGH and testosterone! Estrogen is stored in fat and for men it’s difficult to lose that stubborn mid-line belly fat using traditional exercise approaches (i.e., treadmill and strength training). (Will use a fat digital measuring device and heart-rate monitor to ensure your reaching maximum results over 4-6-week period.)
  • Is Estrogen Metabolites Making You Fat? Use specific supplements and diet to metabolize the bad form of estrogens that have bio-accumulated over a lifetime. Which can be one of the main reasons for not being able to lose mid-line fat storage for men and Adipose tissue in the hips and thighs for women.
  • Optimize Blood-sugar levels: Applying diet and supplements to manage blood sugar levels and insulin levels (the hormone that deposits glucose into fat storage)
  • Managing Stress: High, continuous long-term stress levels causes fatigue, where the adrenal glands responsible for the fight/flight survival response gets worn out, then the body does not respond optimally to physical or mental stress. Remember exercise is beneficial, but when the body is already in an overload state of fatigue, then over training can further exacerbate adrenal fatigue. Resulting in longer, delayed recovery from training sessions, increased excessive coritsol stress response hormone resulting in body inflammation and weight gain. Also reduces the DHEA hormone-building cascade into testosterone. In other words the more stress, the more DHEA converted to cortisol, versus healthy fat burning, anabolic hormone for living. Specific dietary herbal formulas: to reduce stress and get out of the fight or flight mode. Herbs will switch the body from a catabolic (breakdown state) into anabolic building state, which provides more of your own internal vital energy for training, immunity and overall well-being!
  • Learn which form of Exercise Activates the Fat Burning Hormone (HGH) & Increases Testosterone: One Consultation session on specific proven exercise regimen to maximize your HGH, testosterone levels.
  • Get stronger, faster and leaner, and look and feel younger: the answer lies in activating your  dormant superior muscle fibers in most individuals, who are actually already exercising, but are only tapping 50% of their total muscle fibers.

Health results and benefits:

  • Research shows that you can increase your HGH levels up to 771% per training session, resulting in body fat loss of 31%, based upon 8-week study using a specific type of  training.
  • Long-term Goal:
  • Deliver a health experience, a health reboot where you can notice an overall difference in your vitality. But it is important for the first 30-60 days you incorporate the health changes on a daily basis. It takes 21 days to create a new habit, so discipline goes a long way in developing new healthy habits!
  • Anti-aging recommendations:
  • Document includes how to reduce overall inflammation, reduce oxidative stress, and includes a diet and dietary supplement program to look, feel healthier and younger.

Research site examples:

Feel & Look Ten-Years Younger Study – Famous Danish Study- 913 pairs of twins, Danish researchers discovered that the twins who looked younger than their true age had better health and longer survival rates than their older-looking siblings.
What did the researchers find was the reason for this difference? The people who looked younger had longer telomeres.

Prevent cancer – A study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that longer telomeres could dramatically reduce your risk of cancer. They found that it didn’t matter what other risk factors you had, the longer your telomeres, the less likely you were to get any kind of cancer.

Prevent Heart Disease – A study in the journal The Lancet, people who had the shortest telomeres were 40-50% likelier to have a coronary heart disease event than people with the longest telomeres.

Vision Health – Longer telomeres mean a nearly 50% reduced risk for the eye disease. And people with cataracts who had longer telomeres had less severe cases than those with shorter telomeres.

Nurses’ Health Study – looked at the telomeres of 2000 women, and found that those with longer telomeres had less cognitive decline. Each unit increase in telomere length is like your brain acting a year younger.

UberVitality uses a nutritional synergistic approach: utilizing the latest research on nutrition, dietary supplements and specific exercises to deliver an “age-defying targeted approach” towards feeling and looking 10-years younger (body and mind). Aging can be approached gracefully with vigor and wisdom!

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