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Men, what made the Spartan-Warrior’s so fit?

Spartan warriors were well known for their extraneous fitness training and diet. These warriors were lean, muscular, and demonstrated super human type of strength, unlike any other culture. Spartan warriors were known for their extraneous training by marching 20-30 miles a day, while wearing a 60 pound full body armor, and wielding a 25-pound sword during combat. In 480 B.C., the average Spartan only weighed 165lbs, and was 5.10 tall. In comparison to today’s modern top athletes and their access to resources like modern medicine, technology, enhancement drugs, supplements, and trainers. Even with the insurmountable resources, the Spartan warrior is still considered to be the strongest athlete in all of history! There is no other class of men that had the strength to body weight ratio as the Spartans!

There are some theories that postulate what made these Spartans super heroes? One theory is that these warriors exercised their “fight or flight” super fast-twitch muscle regularly during combat and training.

In comparison to today’s modern, comfortable, high-tech lifestyle, where most men’s survival instinct is exercised during a NFL football game.


Today’s modern society’s survival skills are limited to behind the computer in a controlled ambient environment with fluorescent lights. Void of the beneficial sun rays and critical hormone like vitamin D, which regulates mood, bone density and prevents cancer. There are many comforts to modern living, but the state of our health as a society has greatly suffered! Presently, two-thirds of Americans are over-weight and one-third is considered obese! From a health perspective, I ponder weather we are actually better for going back to a hunter and gather society? Modern society no longer has to hunt for their food, or need to fight for their survival. The point being, modern way of living (sedentary lifestyle, GMO’s, estrogenic food supply, and environmental pollution, etc) has affected our genetic make-up when comes to utilizing muscles. Our Spartan ancestors demonstrated that they were able to tap into faster, stronger, superior, super-human type of muscle gene. Modern man has this muscle gene; it just has not been triggered using traditional moderate cardio (treadmill) and strength training. Consequently, our bodies have adopted to spare and conserve our fast twitch muscles, by relying more upon our slow-twitch muscle fibers. Basically modern man has adopted and has evolved to primarily using slow-twitch muscles fibers.

But there are proven, time-tested fitness drills, for the time-crunch society to unlock these important muscle fibers. And when you combine cutting-edge nutritional protocols to trigger your youthful growth hormones – you have a formula for reaching optimal wellness, fitness and feel like your ten years younger!

Look as fit as a Spartan!


Introduction -The Spartan Warrior program is designed to deliver the most cutting-edge training protocols for “activating” and maximizing your testosterone & human growth hormone (HGH) levels naturally, without the use of drugs! It includes personal training fitness drills that are researched and proven to activate your dormant muscle gene that is responsible for releasing the largest dosages of HGH.

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The combination of these two programs deliver the ultimate fitness and hormonal reboot for losing that stubborn belly fat, build muscle and look 10 years younger in your body and mind!

Spartan Warrior health benefits:

Increase your HGH levels by 771% per training session, resulting in body fat loss of 31%

Lose that stubborn belly fat: where traditional exercising (aerobics, strength-training) and mainstream diet is not effective in unlocking the superior muscle gene that generates larger dose of HGH, the master hormone that burns fat like liquid nitrogen!

Time-crunched fitness: The best news, you will not have to fight or train like a Spartan warrior. Modern day time-crunched fitness program that yields results as little as 20-30 minute training session, 3x per week to achieve dramatic results!

Learn How To Eat: to maximize testosterone & HGH levels

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