Awaken The Warrior Within!


Awaken The Warrior Credo:

  • Live a life that feeds the life-force
  • Revolutionary ideas are fueled by courage
  • Open mind without prejudice
  • Awareness of the unseen

The tribal paint symbolizes our roots to Gaia and our forgotten connection to the ancient, wise tribal cultures that lived in respect and in symbiosis with the earth for hundreds of years before the industrialization of the modern world. The facial war paint is also a reminder to humanity to awaken it’s warrior spirit from its deep slumber, comfort and complacency towards what is not serving their vitality and happiness.

Once you realize the true “nature of this reality” and the esoteric, hidden, unseen forces for the battle of your mind, well being and life force, then and only then, you will be motivated to embody the way of the warrior. Humans and animals are biologically and chemically driven by their hormones and glands. And since the industrialized revolution in 1800’s, nuclear age in the 50’s and the recent economic explosion from the technological industries and the non-native EMF’s (electromagnetic frequency) , and the exposure to 8,000 toxic substances that are invading our body, mind and stealing our life-force (prana, chi).

Feminizing the Male Population

Unfortunately, this may sound like a sci-fi movie, but it’s all to real and now science can prove the metabolic, infertility imbalances and cancer causing chemicals found in food, hormone additives, which mimic estrogen, also known as xeno-estrogens (this is the weaponization of our food supply). I first became aware of the hormone disruptors back in the early 90’s, when Monsanto’s recombinant Bovine Growth Hormone was being introduced and now it is used ubiquitously in dairy products. These “endocrine disruptors” affect men and women and all living species like frogs and fish reproductive organs. Since the industrialized revolution we have now several generations that have been exposed to endocrine disruptors. And today, we are just beginning to understand and feel the bastardization of our hormones. Here are two interesting examples how chemicals are bastardizing our hormones:1) there are over 500 testosterone centers where men can now get their low T fix at hormone Starbuck centers for $500 per month!  Secondly, women if your husband is shooting blanks and you can’t get pregnant. No worries, according to the CDC, there are over 467 infertility clinics to help your spouse increase their sperm count! Is it just a coincidence the low sperm count among aquatic species like fish and whales that are first exposed to the chemical pollution that is basically dumped in our waterways and drinking water?

Humans, all living species, and Gaia’s living eco-systems have become the dumping ground for the industrial chemical, shadow military complex. Let me state the not so obvious from a male warrior perspective, a sick society equates to a docile/passive society! And, a chemically altered society is not a free thinking society! (think of fluoride in our water and how it impacts the frontal lobe of the brain, increasing our overall passivity—this suppression technique was used in WW2 in concentration camps to suppress the captives.

UberVitality’s Solution to “Endocrine Disrupters.”

Create your own “nutritional disruptor” against the chemical poisoning thru healthy awareness on how to protect yourself, your family and detoxification practices to increase your life-force against the naked unseen forces.

When visualizing the “warrior life-force” and what it means to be a male in his power in this so called civilized modern time. Two iconic cultures resonated with me historically. First is the Greek Spartan warriors who were well known for their physical physique and their determination for freedom against tyranny! Unbeknownst to the Spartans they were really the first culture to originate the modern day version of fit type of training. The real difference 2,000 years ago was that Spartans fought for their lives and way of living! From strength to weight ratio the Spartans were the strongest in their class. The average Spartan only weighed 165 pounds, but would have to wield 25-pound sword made of steel. They would march for 10 miles a day wearing 35-45 pounds of steel amour in the middle of the Mediterranean heat and lived and died by the sword! Two- thousand years ago Spartan men were not exposed to endocrine/testosterone disruptors from the weaponized food supply and chemical riddled environment with estrogens that weakened their warrior spirit!

The second iconic cultures that I resonate with are the indigenous tribal cultures all over the world that lived in symbiosis with their natural environment. Like in the movie Avatar, the naïveté were not separate from nature, but understood the symbiosis relationship with nature’s vibration consciousness. These evolved beings perceived nature and themselves as one, versus being separate. Consciousness is infinite in its expression.

Unfortunately, since the industrialized revolution modern world leaders have taken the polar opposite stance when comes to being stewards of the earth we inherited. From the grains of sand to the vast oceans, every species on earth has been negatively affected by the weaponized industrial revolution petro-chemical reality, nuclear industry and now the technological industries that create cellular havoc on our  mitochondria energy cells!

To create a real paradigm shift towards a better future, it starts with each one of us embracing “the way of the warrior” and taking back your vital force! To live in today’s modern world requires “activating” that warrior spirit with courage to stand up for what is right, versus just getting along in the matrix! For me, it begins with awareness about healthy living, having a clear mind and accessing your intuition! The warrior’s shield embodies courage and it gives us the strength to create our own reality and path towards a better future for humanity and Gaia.

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