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Are you looking for a Fitness Program, or a Health Coach that will deliver real weight loss, real strength, mobility, agility and more energy and well being? Or how about men, are you wanting the Spartan Greek God, shredded, looking physique, but have not been able to achieve it thru traditional dieting, or weight training?  Or ladies, how about looking and feeling 10 years younger? Or perhaps you just want to look fit and get rid of that stubborn belly fat that won’t budge, no matter what diet or fitness regimen you try! On the surface this may sound too good to be true, but your health achievements and goals are all based upon your personal perspective and personal experience, which all relative! From quantum health coach perspective, almost any health goal is achievable and almost any health condition is reversible, if you have have the right foundation to build upon! The key phrase is “quantum environment”  for getting measurable results. No tricks, Shred Quantum Fitness regimen was designed with the idea where your environment meets your biology.

As a trainer, health coach, nutritionist, and herbalist, over the last 20 years I have been researching and experimenting with various training methods, diets, nutritional supplements, and the most exotic elixirs. And what I have concluded, that most health enthusiast’s are real disciplined with their fitness, and diet, but despite their diligent efforts, their not getting the desired results!  And if your over 30 years of age, then it’s even harder to see the gains because of modern living’s exposure to all of the chemical endocrine disruptors like xeno-estrogens from food, and the environment. Endocrine disruptors increases fat storage, reduces testosterone, increases PMS symptoms and it kills testosterone in men! Unfortunately the list of endocrine disruptors for men and women are endless! The SQF exercises, in combination with Quantum health protocols will definitely get rid of those estrogenic metabolite hormone disruptors!

Beyond my Shred Quantum Fitness (SQF) video offering, I  also provide personal health coaching services separate from this video series. Regardless of your health goals, I promise  that if your interested in getting stronger, leaner and having more energy, then your ready to try Shred Quantum Fitness video series.  SQF will deliver results, so you can “Thrive At Any Age! The fitness video app is designed to deliver an interactive online experience. You can upload before and after pics, your personal stats and have online training videos delivered to your phone, or laptop via the Trainerzie app.

Primal Fitness Delivers Results!

  • Quantum Fitness Delivers Results: No diet, No supplement pill, No traditional fitness, No trainer will deliver a Shred Body, Healthier Body, Real Weight Loss like Shred Quantum Fitness personal training series.
  • Primal Outdoor Fitness: Exercise outdoors in the Quantum spectrum and learn how to activate fast-twitch type II muscle fibers that are dormant in most individuals who train indoor gyms, yoga studios, Cross-fit facilities, etc.
  • Activate Fat Burning: Food does Not Activate your fat burning hormones like Leptin, Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone (HGH)!
  • Optimize Your Critical Hormones: Shred Quantum Fitness program will show you how to optimize your Hunger hormone Leptin! Most individuals intally can lose weight, but 90% gain it back! Dieting and traditional exercising in a gym does not keep the weight off. Sucessful weight loss is not about burning calories! It has everything too do  with your hormones to do the work naturally!
  • 58 Yr Old Proven Methods:  I am not Your Typical 20 something year-old Trainer who has naturally high levels of testosterone. If your over 30 years old , men & women critical fat burning hormones begin declining every year! And women postpartum typically never get their pre-pregnancy body back because its all about optimizing your Hormones & Neurotransmitters!
  • Save Money: Are you tried of spending hundreds, thousands of dollars on chasing the latest diet trend, paleo, keto diet,  crossfire regimen, etc?
  • Proven Research: shows Activating Super-Fast Twitch Muscles Increases HGH by 700%. 8-Week Nurse Study Resulted in 30% Body Fat Reduction
  • Traditional Training: In my 30’s & 40’s, training 4x-5x per week did not deliver results until I applied Quantum Fitness type of protocols to optimized my hormones and metabolism to burn stubborn fat storage.
  • Proven Results: Tired of Not Getting Results – Then Your Ready for the  Shred Quantum Fitness & Health Program
  • Quantum Fitness Secrets to Activate & Optimize Critical Fat Burning Hormones Leptin, HGH, Testosterone and Activate the Critical Glandular that Regulates Metabolism. No supplement pill, no diet, no fitness plan will deliver the health results as Shred Quantum Fitness!
  • You Can Thrive At Any Age With the Right Fitness & Health Formula
  • Purchase 8 Week Access to Primal Outdoor Fitness App (Shred Quantum Fitness Video)

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