Nutrition = Weight Loss


You can be physically fit, but not necessarily healthy and vibrant. Fitness and dietary supplements are excellent supporting pillars, but there is no substitution for having a solid nutritional foundation! The Nutritional Foundations includes the following:

1. A 30-day program: that outlines dietary guidelines (vital foods and foods to avoid based upon your health status). Also dietary supplementation recommendations (i.e., herbal formula, amino acids for depression, low thyroid, etc) for any specific health issue(s). The dietary goal is not to disrupt your life with restricting your diet in every conceivable way, but to create healthy realistic goals that can be achieved and be successful in implementing into your lifestyle.

2. Nutritional Protocols: Initial health evaluation and recommendations based upon the feedback from the online questionnaire and your stated health goals we discussed during our first initial in-person meeting, or Skype call

3. The Goal to Optimal Wellness: The long-term health goal ideally should be to feel vital again at any age! Anything else short of feeling good in your body and mind is some story individuals have bought into about aging and disease!

4. Delivering Tangible Results: The goal is to deliver an actionable health plan you can follow that includes my expertise guidelines.

5. Determining Your Metabolic Type: Designing a dietary plan that meets your metabolic type, since most us fall into three primary body types. The goal is to take your genetic constitution type, and lifestyle into consideration when developing a eating plan that works!

10 tangible health results with Ubervitality nutritional reboot:

UberVitality: increase your life force for things you love to do

Metabolism: transform your metabolism to burn calories efficiently, become a lean-machine at any age, rather than settling for “I am getting older” or the idea spending more time on the treadmill. Its time to approach health smarter by nourishing your metabolism

Maximize Core/Cardio: train smarter to increase your HGH (anti-aging hormone) and testosterone levels by using researched based training techniques

Pain-free: wake-up without achy joints, achy muscles, reduce overall bodily inflammation!

Diet Mind Shift: transform your diet cravings towards nutritious whole foods diet, versus foods that steal your vitality!

Mental Sharpness: increase your metal focus, memory, reduce mental fatigue and elevate your mood naturally without pharmaceuticals!

Feel 10 Years Younger: transform your body, mind back to a youthful state by optimizing your hormonal levels naturally

Maximize Physical Activity: get the visible results you want using your bio-chemistry to respond to your exercise efforts

Boost Immunity: Build your critical immunity to combat exercise fatigue and sickness

Invest in Health: What is the best investment you can make today that will keep paying dividends for a lifetime? Here is a clue- it’s not your health insurance!

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