Can You Slow Down Aging?

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In 2003, the Genome Project revealed a major scientific breakthrough when comes to understanding health and aging. Modern medicine is based upon the premise that you inherit 70% of your genetic health condition, i.e., heart disease, arthritis, and breast cancer gene. And you can only influence the other 30 percent of your genetics. Basically your health condition is predetermined by the genetics you inherit from your parents and diet and healthy lifestyle plays no role. This is probably why medicine schools put very little value towards nutrition and wellness prevention. Because the whole medical model is based upon this old, outdated premise that you inherited genetic mutations from your parents, and basically ignoring all of the “vitality inputs.” The current medical model focuses upon managing disease, versus optimal wellness! What a weird paradox we live in. Your biological clock (health status) is a fluid process; it changes daily, weekly, monthly and yearly depending upon the “vitality inputs.”

Can Diet, Fitness & Vitamins Reverse Aging?


DNA Health Based Upon It’s Environment

The significant difference today when comes to understanding what causes aging is the scientific research using nutrition and supplements on slowing down aging (telomeres & hormonal health). The real advancement in anti-aging was discovered in 2009. When the Nobel Prize for Medicine was given for identifying what portion of the gene is responsible for cellular aging. This is an extraordinary discovery in understanding the human biological clock. I know it sounds geeky, but to me this really cool!

More recently, the progressive, anti-aging medicine community has been identifying which foods and dietary supplements can reduce free radical stressors, hence slow down aging process. Cells, body organs that have lots of cellular oxidative stress from free radical damage is the primary cause of premature aging and advancing cancer. Taking the anti-aging concept even further than diet. The combination of specific high intensity exercises, caloric restricted diet, and specific dietary supplements can activate your anti-aging genes by extending the length of thousands of telomeres. In addition, by optimizing your hormonal health and HGH levels can make you feel younger again. The UberVitality top to bottom health approach can reverse your biological clock by a minimum of five years. That is the basic level, if your real serious you can even slow it down by 10 years!

Five Anti-aging tips for getting younger:

1. Anti-Oxidants are King!
Anti-oxidants, or free radical scavengers is natures mechanism for reducing inflammation like pain, arthritis, allergies and hundreds of other so called diseases. Organic foods within the berry family, cacao, and rainbow colored fruits and vegetables. Lots of super-foods are high in anti-oxidants.

2. Beauty Starts Within
Forget all those artificial chemicals from mainstream cosmetic beauty products that only contribute to premature aging. What causes facial skin to wrinkle is called glycation (sticky protein cells) that causes the skin collagen to breakdown and age prematurely. The main cause is SUGAR! So a combination of poor quality beauty products that are endorsed by Hollywood so called beauty experts, and a toxic food supply is the perfect formula for getting a Joan Rivers’ type of facelift! To maintain healthy collagen limit sugar from processed bake goods and use supplements like slica mineral and food sourced vitamin C. There are also vitamin C facial skin serums. Vitamin C is still a great anti-oxdiant! The solution to looking young is all about feeding the cells with soothing, hydrating nutrients!

3. Soothe The Cells
High quality, chemical-free water, mineral rich diet, high-anti-oxidant foods and supplements like grape-seed extract, resvertrol, etc. Skin acne is all about poor flora bacteria from in the gut and the need to detoxify the liver. Hormone imbalance another contributor, and all of the bad estrogens from the food supply burdens the liver. A good diet that contains omega 3’s and not the rancid oils from mainstream foods that cause premature aging. High quality oils like from coconut, flaxseed, borage, chia, and olive oil, rose seed oil will hydrate the skin. Also consider doing a 30 day round of probiotics to recolonalize your good bacteria.

4. Exercise
Any kind of regular exercise that causes real perspiration to get rid of the toxins in the liver, skin, etc. I recommend high-intensity type of training to raise the heart rate to its maximum. Resulting in the releases of anti-aging type of hormone like HGH. But this requires a safe, specific exercise regimen, which I specialize in to avoid injury.

5. Foods To Avoid Like the Plague!
Unfortunately we live in a world where we are constantly exposed toxic food and chemicals in the water, cosmetics and the list goes on! Just take a look at the state of America’s health (65% overweight, 30% obese). This is just the tip of iceberg. Moderate consumption from the standard American diet (SAD) type of foods is a sure way to become part of this statistic. If you want to prematurely age, then moderate consumption of GMO’s, non-organic type of foods, and hormone-riddled foods will guarantee premature aging and disease!

Trying to apply all of this information into a daily health regimen can be overwhelming and a bit intimidating. The most successful approach is to take small steps towards a healthy lifestyle. Also, another option is use a health coach, anti-aging expert like UberVitality to motivate you and show you the most effective approach to get successful results!

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