Get Fit For Summer in 4 Weeks!

Get Results!

  • Adventure, Fun, Safe, Non-Competitive Fitness for All Levels!
  • Lose that Stubborn Belly Fat by Activating Your Human Growth Hormone HGH (the youthful, recovery, strength increasing, fat burning hormone)
  • HGH begins to decline at age 30 unless it is activated!
  • Learn How To Increase Fat Burning By Food Timing & Frequency Consumption
  • Traditional Diet & Cardio Exercises (cycling, running) does not effectively activate HGH to lose weight
  • Research shows HIT Exercises Increases HGH by 700%
  • 8 Week Nurse Study Resulted in 30% Body Fat Reduction
  • Train Outside in Vitamin D Rich Environment To Activate Hormones!
  • In my 30’s & early 40’s I was doing traditional training 4x-5x per week without getting any real results in terms of mobility, core strength and cardiovascular health, until I optimized my hormones and metabolism!
  • If Your Tired of Not Getting Results – Then Your Ready for the UberVitality Proven Formula = Training + Optimizing Hormones + Quantizing Cells
  • You Can Thrive At Any Age With A Proven UberVitality Formula!

Plus Vitality Tips To Maximize Fitness

  • Learn How To Recover Faster from Exercise
  • Learn How to Restore Your Body’s Quantum Battery (Vitality) Beyond Food & Nutrition
  • Learn How Burn Fat While You Sleep
  • Learn About Critical Hormone Vitamin D (Sunshine Benefits) Not the Lesser Chemical Pill!
  • Build Deep Immunity

Get Started!

  • Cost $25 per session, 2x per week, (4 wk commitment discount $20 per session or bring friend get $5.00 discount)
  • You Will Learn Revitalization Tips After Every Session!
  • Starts May 1st
  • Monday & Thursday @ 5:30 pm
  • Location Boulder High School Football/Track Field

Additional Services Available

  • Nutritional Health Coaching
  • Hormone Optimization Men & Women – feel & look ten years younger!
  • Real Weight Loss – no dieting!
  • Personal Fitness Training
  • For more info email


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