Treat Your Body Like a Formula One Racecar!


You may be an athlete, but your body still needs to be extremely efficient in order to remove all of the metabolic by-products from exercising. Like a high performance formula one racecar, your filter (liver) has to catch any foreign material (toxins) that can slow down its performance. Your body has a complex elimination system, which includes your liver, kidneys, lymph and colon designed to keep you running at peak levels. But when your body gets plugged-up by metabolic waste from everyday living and hidden toxins from the food and drinking supply, then you get used to running at less than peak performance. Staying in peak shape and being able to recover from intense workouts in the modern world means detoxifying on a regular basis. Would you drive your high performance vehicle year after year without changing the oil filter or getting a tune-up?

Living in this modern chemical world means the body is under attack by constant flow of unnatural hundreds of chemicals. Even in a place as seemingly pristine as Boulder, Colorado we cannot escape these toxic pollutants. While eating organic foods and un-chlorinated water certainly helps, extra detoxification is needed to rid your body of a lifetime of exposure to petrochemicals, herbicides, pesticides, fluoride, chorine, alcohol, BPA, and hormone disruptors (i.e. estrogen) that have a tendency to bio-accumulate in the liver, kidneys, colon, abdominal fat and digestive system. This bio-accumulation of chemicals creates an unnatural burden on the body’s filtration and elimination system, effecting athletes’ recovery time and the ability to shed unwanted body fat. For example, xeno-estrogens from plastics and bovine growth hormone in non-organic meat and dairy mimic estrogen. Estrogen deposits directly in the abdominal fatty tissue. No matter how many stomach crunches you do, unless you remove the excess estrogen and support the liver to detoxify from these types of girly-girly hormones, you will have a difficult time achieving a 6-pack abs! I am sharing this from personal experience and research on hormone optimization using nutrition and high intensity training.

A Simple Solution in Today’s Chemical World

Toxic overload from our modern world affects an athletes’ ability to recover from the metabolic waste produced from extreme exercise. Both gotu kola and garlic, two of the four active ingredients found in our detoxification formula, Cleanse 360, increase circulation and stimulate the lymph system. As a result, immunity is boosted and metabolic waste is more easily removed from the body.

 Lighten Your Load! Colon and liver cleansing herbs like the aloe and milk thistle found in Cleanse 360, gently help rid the body of unwanted waste in the colon, liver, and skin. It gently releases the toxin build-up from food and the environment. Proper colon elimination is the first step in building an optimal digestive system.

Healthy Digestion means more energy for training and for life! The digestive system requires an inordinate amount of energy relative to other body systems to breakdown, absorb, and then eliminate the food we eat. Enzymes are necessary for a healthy digestive system, because they breakdown our foodstuff and actually reduce the amount of energy needed for the digestive process. Most of our enzymes come from the uncooked produce that we eat (vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds), but the body also naturally produces them. Not only does the average person not eat enough raw food to produce adequate enzymes, but also, as we age we become less efficient at generating our own enzymes. Digestive Enzymes Plus, a plant-based digestive enzyme, is designed to reduce the digestive burden, giving you more energy and nutritional absorption.

Recovery & Strength–Which Proteins are the Best?

Common protein choices include red meat, fish, chicken, vegetable protein, eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt, and whey protein. For recovery from a high intensity workout, I typically look for the following:

  • Complete proteins that digests within 30-60 minutes and do not slow me down
  • Clean protein sources (organic, grass-fed, non-GMO, & hormone free!)
  • Cultured with probiotics (yogurt)
  • Immunoglobins (immune enhancing properties found in high-quality grass-fed, hormone-free whey)

After an intense anaerobic training session in which you reach or exceed your targeted heart rate for 30-60 minutes, your body prefers a quick digesting protein like grass-fed whey or yogurt instead of red meat. The amino acids in whey and yogurt assimilate faster, and therefore muscle tissue is more efficiently repaired; however, many people avoid these excellent protein choices due to their lactose intolerance. Grass-fed eggs are my third favorite choice for bio-available protein, and they have the added benefit of providing anti-inflammatory Omega-3 fatty acids.

Probiotics helps Assimilate Protein from Dairy Sources

Our probiotic formula, Daily Probiotic Plus, repopulate the large intestine with “good” gut bacteria, which are able to help breakdown milk sugar, lactose, from whey, yogurt, milk and cheese. I have personally experienced a drastic improvement after using probiotics—I now have no lactose sensitivities! Probiotics also have many other health benefits. They support healthy digestion, good colon health and elimination, and assist in key nutrient assimilation (like B vitamins). Probiotics are also critical for building a strong immune system! I consider probiotic supplementation a key component to feeling vital and being able to assimilate dairy-based protein without difficulty.

High Protein Diet Can Slow Down Recovery

“Too much of a good thing” can create an acidic environment in the body. The body’s blood homeostasis has a very narrow range. This means that if the body is too acidic from a high consumption of protein, fats, and sugar (and not enough alkalizing fruits and vegetables), then the body will steal alkalizing minerals like calcium and magnesium from the bone to balance the over acidic blood. In addition to their alkalizing affect, raw fruits and vegetables are high in fiber, which bind to excessive acid and cholesterol and assist in their removal. If you’re having trouble getting the recommend daily intake of fruit and vegetables, our Pre-Fiber Plus supplement could be a great way to meet your fiber needs.

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