Optimal Illumination = Less Cellular Hunger

Weight Loss Thru Solar Exposure?

I know this sounds like something you would see in a tabloid magazine, but it is an actual scientific fact! Northwestern University published a recent study showing how specific solar spectrum causes significant weight loss. The study proves you can decrease your overall BMI (body mass index) by 20%. The study produces very impressive weight loss results by applying nature’s most powerful life force, solar spectrum! These kind of successful results are real difficult to achieve thru diet alone, because most people usually gain the weight back after all that sacrifice and pain. Let’s face it, most people struggled with achieving their ideal weight after they get into their mid 30’s. And if you work behind a desk, it only gets harder to shed those extra pounds.

Actually trying to reach your ideal weight by dieting is what I like to refer to as DIET (Dogmatic, Idiotic, Extreme, Torture). I make a case why dieting and traditional exercise does not work, click on link http://ubervitality.com/real-weight-loss-has-less-to-do-with-food-or-exercise/

Solar Benefits Are More Than Skin Deep

The health benefits from the 4.5 billion year-old star is much more than getting  nice looking bronze, or having a lean physique. How much sun exposure one should get depends upon their geographic location, season of the year, age, race, and genetic heritage will determine how well you manufacture vitamin D from the UV spectrum. Many drugs actually inhibit this critical process. Vitamin D levels determine how strong your immunity is to combat such diseases like cancer to fighting off a simple cold in the middle of winter. Consider vitamin D as your body’s bio-marker on h0w well you are absorbing light and fully activating over 2,000 genes and combating over 165 diseases.

You Are A Quantum Being

The Northwestern University study substantiates that humans are photo-electric beings designed to receive the proper, optimal amount of solar spectrum to activate their critical hormones. This exactly what I focus my Quantum Health Coach practice and research on, applying nature’s life forces to optimize optimal hormone levels, using exact dosages, timing, frequency and safety. Optimal vitamin D levels is just one of the critical natural bio-markers that is required to thrive to your fullest potential! Despite what mainstream medicine says about the sun, or what food or exercise gurus say about food choices, the proof is that we have a very sick society that cannot be explained away by simply blaming bad food choices and/or lack of exercise. Obesity now affects over one-third of the population and over 65% of the general population are over-weight. This is a healthcare crisis, that leads to metabolic syndrome. And once again, to simply blame obesity epidemic on the SAD (standard American diet), I consider it way to easy convenient escape goat.
Unfortunately, it is a bit more complicated explanation. Modern society has to rethink what makes the human being thrive? We need to have a better understanding how to create a thriving cellular environment and this way our body’s metabolism and hormonal signaling will work effortlessly. Rather than modern approach to health usually involves some kind of pain and force, hence the saying “of no pain, no gain.” Today’s fitness approach towards health is like trying to force a well designed formula one race car to increase it’s performance by adding higher octane fuel, or by flooring the gas petal to the metal, and disregarding the fact that the engine is miss firing and back firing and performing at half speed.

Modern medicine approach towards health is what I call a band-aid approach where medicine never really addresses the root cause, let alone having an understanding of the quantum human being. This philosophy is well rooted in  science and medicine, and it’s been the institutionalize approach and we can thank the grandfather of reductionist theory,  Isaac Newton. Where medicine is focused upon the smallest, molecule that can be isolated from the whole. Let me illustrate, for example, you can buy vitamin c, or ascorbic acid at a health food store to try to build your immunity. Usually sourced and isolated from GMO corn and not oranges as one would believe from all of the marketing. The highly praised isolated compound vitamin C  is but only one constituent of the 400 compounds in an orange. Issac and modern medicine would treat the patient with ascorbic acid. Where the father of quantum mechanics, Einstein would treat the whole patient by feeding them a whole orange, which the patient’s body would utilize all 400 compounds in a synergistic perfection.  This is a simple explanation, but it’s the heart of the issue. Quantum health relies upon nature’s inherit intelligence, where modern medicine manipulates, isolates a sub-particle and tries to out smart nature’s perfection! Do you see the paradox and the the rampant epidemic disease growth rates speak to the results. The point here, when I saw this study that shows that basically exposing yourself to nature causes weight loss, was no surprised and it is what I expected, because I have  personally experienced these kind of results myself. But man needs studies to convince himself of what evolution already instinctively  knows!

Thrive At Any Age!

UberVitality’s Quantum Health Coach can show you how to optimize your health by not dieting, or being a slave to the gym treadmill, and not spending countless of hundreds of dollars on monthly pills, protein powders, and weight loss products! With the proper cellular environment you will experience more energy, better sleep, better mood, less hunger and even slow down the aging process! By retaining UberVitality services, I will actually save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars per year. Not to mention the greatest investment you will ever make is in your health!
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