Eat the Right Fat to Lose Belly Fat!


Say what? Leave it to mother nature, how would she ever know that the modern world would become so obsessed over fat? In her infinite wisdom, she provided us with coconut oil. It’s the perfect superfood, for energy, reduces inflammation, and assist with achy joints, as well as providing other health benefits like it’s anti-microbial properties for the immune system.   Coconut oil’s has real unique properties unlike any other oil.

How To Lose That Stubborn Belly Fat?

So, I know by now your saying what does have to do with losing that dam, stubborn belly fat? Opps, have you contributed to the $34 billion dollar weight loss industry? No worries, because coconut oil is to the rescue again, research shows that coconut oil increases your metabolism; the MCT’s get utilized as energy by the liver, versus stored as fat. Coconut oil basically increases your metabolic rate, which translates into burning more calories, while you eat good fat! In combination with a caloric restricted diet and exercise you can transform your body and mind, but it does take shift in your relationship with food.

First of all, not all fats are created equal, without getting into biochemistry; your body and brain prefer fat as a fuel source, versus quick carbs.

How Coconut Burns Fat!

Once your body burns through your reserve glycogen (muscle sugar) for energy, then it will tap into the stored fat. But of course, that means not ingesting quick carbs every 1-2 hours that replenish the glucose. Fat is an excellent, and efficient fuel source, providing twice the bang for the buck (energy) for the body and mind to function. What makes coconut oil’s saturated fat different from all other fat sources, are the MCT’s (medium chain triylerrites). These medium-chain fats get converted into immediate energy for the body and brain to utilize. Individuals with blood-sugar sensitive’s, coconut oil’s MCT could be your saving grace for staying alert! So the next time someone calls you a fathead, take it as a complement, because your brain is made up of two-thirds fat.

Unfortunately, there is so much miss-information about the benefits of saturated fat and cholesterol, and the there are plenty of peer-reviewed studies that substantiate the benefits of saturated fat and specifically coconut’s fat burning benefits. MCT’s also benefit the big-head, it supply’s it with quick ketones, which the brain can utilize, once you exhaust supply of blood-glucose. If your brain is made of two-thirds fat, then that ought tell you something about its importance from a biological level.

Coconut Oil Not A Magic Bullet!

But there is a caveat, like anything else, coconut’s fat burning mechanism works much more effective with a healthy functioning thyroid gland, mineral-rich diet and abundance of nutrient co-factors and exercise. In other words, it is no magic bullet against a bad diet of highly processed, rancid fats (most vegetable oils like soy, corn, safflower, and canola!) and sentry lifestyle behind an office cubical!   Most of the research shows consuming two tablespoons of coconut oil daily has a weight loss effect! The oil has a real nice flavor, slightly sweet and it tastes great in your power smoothie and gives you that satiety feeling. Also it’s a great oil to cook your eggs, pancakes. If the type of person who is usually still hungry after a meal, it maybe your not getting enough fats in your diet, so many individuals, then fill up on cheap, surgery carbs, that get stores as belly fat! The next time your still not satisfied after a meal, try some of the white, silky stuff and dream of a tropical place, underneath a palm tree in Costa Rica.

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