Have We Replaced Healthy Sensual Desires with Food Obessions?

Food Porn

Americana Food Porn

Welcome to Hipsterville USA, where everyone from paleo to techie-geeks have one love in common, and it’s bacon! It’s the hippest, most premium costing meat to grace the gourmet scene. It’s the only guilt-free meat you can eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and it’s everyone’s favorite hangover remedy! The love affair with bacon is just one of the new obsessions in the Americana food porn culture. Where the trendies seem to be obsessed with selfies and taking pictures of their latest meal. The food porn obsession has also infected the raw food and vegan communities on social media outlets. But these communities are more obsessed with purity, righteousness, and guilt. The total opposite from hipsters, they are more obsessed with food opulence and every new savory product offering that has some kind of cool, eco brand story for saving the planet!

I think the Americana food cult was born out of the deep puritan religious cultural roots. Purify and cleanse thyself by starving, purging and even spending $100 colonics (form of food exeroism) to get rid of those evil toxins, or burn in food hell! Sorry to break it to you, but replacing one religious dogma with a food dogma is no different, in my opinion! I guess symbolically, food obsession is another form of trying to get some assemblance of control of our lives in an out of control world! But the self-righteous food gurus would have you believe that if you follow their prescription of purification and elimination through their diet, then you can heal thyself! Strict, limiting diet restrictions only lead to more frustrations and obsessions!

I get it, online food porn can be sexy and enticing, but does that mean that as a culture we need to post every meal that we consume on Instagram? I suppose posting food porn is safe and socially acceptable, versus more intimate content, like our sensual desires. As a culture, have we replaced healthy relations like sex for food porn? Oops, sorry, taboo subject, sex only happens on blue-light devices and at the movies.

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