Longevity Tip Applying Quantum Health


The Foundation – Building Your Quantum Being!

While everyone would agree that nutritious food, exercise, peaceful existence and being surrounded by love ones are the pillars towards having a healthy life. But I see these as supporting attributes towards building an optimal healthy lifestyle. The most important factor towards acdavanci-sunhieving optimal wellness begins with having a solid foundation of your quantum being! You may already be incorporating these well-known healthy lifestyle habits, but very few individuals are optimizing their circadian biology (hormones-adrenal glands, metabolism, energy, sleep levels) and (neurotransmitters- hunger, food satisfaction and mood). I have learned thru my practice and research that while many individuals have great intentions towards diet and exercise, they still struggle with either being disease free, or not being able to achieve overall wellness. If your fined tuned biological clock is missing a beat and is not releasing the apporpiate amount of hormones and neurotransmitters at the appropriate levels during the day/night cycle, it can create havoc on the quality of sleep your experiencing. Here is just one example the importance of functioning hormones. If you cannot obtain restful, deep, uniterrupted sleep, then the body’s detoxification cycle during the evening cannot efficiently rejuvenate, which will eventually lead to all kinds of metabolic diseases like weight gain and adrenal fatigue.

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