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The Foundation – Building Your Quantum Being!

While everyone would agree that nutritious food, exercise, peaceful existence and being surrounded by love ones are the pillars towards having a healthy life. But I see these as supporting attributes towards building an optimal healthy lifestyle. The most important factor towards acdavanci-sunhieving optimal wellness begins with having a solid foundation of your quantum being! You may already be incorporating these well-known healthy lifestyle habits, but very few individuals are optimizing their circadian biology (hormones-adrenal glands, metabolism, energy, sleep levels) and (neurotransmitters- hunger, food satisfaction and mood). I have learned thru my practice and research that while many individuals have great intentions towards diet and exercise, they still struggle with either being disease free, or not being able to achieve overall wellness. If your fined tuned biological clock is missing a beat and is not releasing the apporpiate amount of hormones and neurotransmitters at the appropriate levels during the day/night cycle, it can create havoc on the quality of sleep your experiencing. Here is just one example the importance of functioning hormones. If you cannot obtain restful, deep, uniterrupted sleep, then the body’s detoxification cycle during the evening cannot efficiently rejuvenate, which will eventually lead to all kinds of metabolic diseases like weight gain and adrenal fatigue.

It’s Time To Thrive at Any Age!

UberVitality: increase your life force for things you love to do

Activate Metabolism: transform your metabolism to burn calories efficiently, become a lean-machine at any age, rather than settling for “I am getting older” or the idea spending more time on the treadmill.

Activate Hormones: quantum build your body and mind and your hormones will slow down the aging process. You can increase your testosterone levels by 100%- 200%.

Get Leaner & Train Smarter:  maximize your training results by optimizing your HGH (anti-aging hormone) and testosterone levels by using researched based high-intensity-training techniques

Maximize Physical Activity: get the visible results you want using your bio-chemistry to respond to your exercise efforts

Pain-free: wake-up without achy joints, achy muscles, reduce overall bodily inflammation!

Diet Mind Shift: transform your diet cravings towards nutritious whole foods diet, versus foods that steal your vitality!

Mental Sharpness: increase your metal focus, memory, reduce mental fatigue and elevate your mood naturally without pharmaceuticals

Feel 10 Years Younger: transform your body, mind back to a youthful state by optimizing your hormonal levels naturally

Boost Immunity: Build your critical immunity to combat exercise fatigue and sickness

Invest in Your Transformation: What is the best investment that will keep paying dividends for a lifetime? Here is a clue- it’s not your health insurance!

Maybe you’re in pretty good shape, but you just can’t loose those few extra pounds of fat around your belly or love handles. Or maybe you’ve been pre-occupied with your family and career and haven’t hit the gym in eons. Either way, Quantum Health Coach can change all that with proven techniques that will speed-up your metabolism and bring your body back to its original youthful condition. It’s not magic, it’s simply cause-and-effect based on a combination of hard science and holistic wisdom.

Top of My Game & Fit at 55!

aboutWhen it comes to flexibility, muscle tone, core strength and cardiovascular health, I must admit that at my current age of 55, I’m in better health than I was in my 20’s or 30s! I want to share the secrets that I’ve discovered in order to help other men and women reach their peak physical potential and energy levels. While it doesn’t hurt to look and feel Healthier, Stronger, and Sexier, it’s not a matter of vanity. Our health affects every area of our life, including our ability to be present with loved ones and to be productive in the world. While some of the benefits of my program include a more youthful and attractive body, core strength, and an increase in physical energy and endurance, the benefits actually go much deeper. This is not a skin-deep cosmetic makeover—this health and wellness coaching program will revitalize and nourish your entire body on cellular level, protecting you from aging vulnerabilities like metabolic syndrome (weight gain, low thyroid), adrenal fatigue (low energy), heart cardiovascular issues, cognitive decline and men and women low sex drive!

What I can do for you:

Personalized Health & Wellness Nutritional Program
Every client’s health goals and needs are unique based on such factors as: living and working environment, inherited genetics, body weight, frame, size, age, gender, fitness level and overall lifestyle preferences. UberVitalty’s goal is to:

Personalized a health and wellness: health program is tailored to your specific health and fitness goals and ultimately works for your unique body

Full-body makeover: Your goal may be as simple as losing weight, increasing vitality or finding a solution to a specific health issue

Deliver results: an optimal health experience with visible results

Educate clients: on how to avoid excess estrogen and how to detoxify from life-long exposure to toxic substances as a result of living in the modern world

Increase your metabolism: testosterone, and HGH to optimal levels via a tailored nutrition, fitness, and dietary supplementation program

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Thrive At Any Age By Applying Science Based Nutrition & Fitness

Take Back Your Health Now!

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