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Wealth can be expressed and experienced in various forms, and my observation is that if your sole experience of wealth is financial, then you’re limiting your full sense of abundance and happiness. Often the wealthier one is financially, usually translates to a state of poorer health, even though you have the resources to purchase high quality ingestible.

In today’s world, financial wealth is a way of saying you have arrived in society, and many wear their success like a cow bell around there mid-section. Its like during the 17th century, when the Royals flaunt their wealth by being fat! The fatter one was, the richer they were in every sense. The sad fact for middle-class, overweight Americans is that they are actually eating the poorest of poorest quality of food void of any real nutrition.

What I am referring to is what the mainstream media portrays as healthy role models, celebrity iconic wealth that masses should envy and strive for. The media and Hollywood influences society with constant messaging that if you want to be successful and happy, then it looks like this: male sport celebrities, MSNBC CEO’s, investment bankers and retired sport celebrities on reality TV. The common theme that all of these male celebrities have in common is poor health. You can see it around their mid-section, double chin and constipated wobble. That is the take away, money and success is everything, even it costs you your life!

What does male testosterone have to do with Wealth?

Everything! Lets dive into the not so obvious deeper sociology what is really driving the state of male health society into the abyss.

What is the underlining human biochemistry that gives male their drive for success? Is it the “big head,” or the “little head” that drives us? Well, lets just call it “T square”, or T2. Testosterone + Testacies = manhood! Without either, we turn to NFL football games on Sundays to get our testosterone and male bonding fix. The real question, besides the cute cheerleader fascination, why do men have such a religious obsession with TV sports, versus actually participating in these sports. The real question, can they even actually participate in these sports, weather it’s basketball, hockey, football, soccer, etc. There is a huge contrast between being a spectator and participating!

So, by now your asking what the hell does wealth, sports celebrity obsession and the NFL has do with being a manly-man? Everything!

The common theme is T2 (testosterone produced by testicles), or the lack there of T2, also known as “low T.” Lets see if you can follow this thread:

Meet the modern-day De-spirited, Emasculated Male!

In modern society today, most men express their manhood by punching keyboard on a computer. In contrast to our hunter and gather ancestors who hunted and sprinted for their livelihood! Compared to the Spartan warriors who trained many hours a day and marched over 10 miles a day with heavy bodily amour and fast without food for many hours or days just to earn a living. My observation, men in the modern world struggle to experience long-lasting happiness and achieve real wealth of health! I am talking about vitality, pain-free, mobility, pharmaceutical-free existence, being able to play soccer with your children, versus being a spectator on the sidelines!

Compare to the Spartan’s, or hunter & gather, or the western pioneers, or the forgotten farmer, today’s modern male can freely access 24/7 their favorite trendy café and get there whimsical sugar craving, or caffeine fix at any given moment without ever breaking a sweat. And if you’re in your middle-aged with “low T”, you can get your testosterone fix at one of the hundreds of low T centers. In order for the modern male to be successful in today’s time starved, stressed world, he sacrifices his future vitality by working 48 hour weeks with limited amount of exercise and barley has enough energy to get recharged.

Besides the drastic evolutionary shift how males earn a living, we now have 1-2 generations of men who have been exposed to insurmountable chemical compounds from the plastic industry and hormone ridden food supply that mimic weak estrogens, also known as xeno-estrogens.

This combination of a de-maculating work cubical environment, void of sunshine vitamin D producing hormone benefits, physical exercise, GMO feed, and estrogenic food diet. Is the prefect recipe for feminizing the male populace, where the male populace relies on getting their testosterone fix vicariously thru sport and financial iconic celebrities?

Are you getting your Testosterone fix Vicariously thru Iconic Celebrities?

Another observation, most of these so-called sport celebrities, they look like they have one foot in grave. Once a sport celebrity retires, they express their opulence thru gorging themselves to the grave! The male CEO’s on TV with their gray color complexion and double chin are one step away from a surgery table. That being said, I actually have empathy for the modern male, who has been slowly duped into a work environment that slowly culling their life force from optimal levels of testosterone and youthful anti-aging hormone like human growth hormone.

NFL, Testosterone, Money – what is the correlation?


Research shows that men have evolved belonging to a local tribe, where men can bond and support each other. The new office tribe is not exactly a substitute for ancestor tribal get together where men shared stories, challenges and were able dance and spar in a safe environment among their brothers.

The modern work environment is void of these attributes, so I get the appeal what football represents. There is also a male physical side that needs to be expressed and its like any other muscle, either you use it, or lose it! I am referring to T2.  Unless you exercise with high intensity a few times a week (yoga does not count), your not maintaining your testosterone levels as you age and your definitely not maintaining your youth, regenerating HGH hormones. So spectator sports, like hockey and the NFL becomes the next best substitution for male bonding and getting an artificial testosterone fix vicariously thru TV spectating.

Physical sports also have an ancestry parallel to the Greek Gladiator games where Spartans competed to the fullest expression of manly-hood- fight to the death! Where the audience cheered the death of the weaker gladiator. Today’s modern games play a role, or an outlet for men to escape from the weekly mundane cubical existence that we find ourselves in. That is why there is a Starbucks on very corner, so you can get your mojo fix and sugar pastry to keep you going as a good worker bee! And during the night, there is the TV sports 24/7 and alcohol to help us forget that we have to do all over again the next day (cannabis new vice, but it is also mimics weak estrogens!)

Unfortunately TV sport spectating is actually detrimental to your manly-man hormone levels. The combination of estrogenic beer hops and feeding on GMO corn chips and hormone-ridden dairy products like cheese, increases estrogenic levels in the mid-section, because estrogen loves body fat and the abdomen is the target of choice! In other words, if you want to lose that abdomen body fat it’s never going to happen via the treadmill, or only lifting weights. Just take a look around the locker room, how many men actually have a flat stomach, let alone a 6-pak? A big reason for this is the wrong type of moderate exercises and you need to detox from the bad hyrox-16 estrogens that love fat! If your estrogen level is too high, that means your testosterone level are low and your not optimizing your birthright.

Feminizing the population has never been easier, and less testosterone man culture means men will just get along, versus question their life purpose and existence. Hence, a more docile man culture is good for the controllers and not so good for the working stiff who now has to work 48 hours just to make ends meat. But, the upside, there is 24/7 TV sports and beer! I find it ironic that majority of beer advertising is around sports!

Consequently modern day living has created a limited number of outlets for male expression, accept of course for making lots of money, but you’ll have to watch it on TV, because the middle class has gotten wiped out!

Here is a classic example how the media and Hollyweired wants the unsuspecting male viewers to connect on a visceral, innate hormonal level vicariously thru successful celebrity male role models. The modern day expression of manly-hood is through making lots, and lots of money! I get that and appreciate it, and there is nothing wrong with financial success! But if that becomes the only expression of your male worthiness, then this imbalance has a tendency to create imbalances in other aspects of your life, like a vital existence! High stress, pushing the candle on both ends leads to adrenal fatigue, resulting in further “low T” levels. And it has direct correlation to cardiovascular problems, inflamed prostate (BPH), depression, and low libido. To clarify, being driven and having financial success is not a remedy for increasing your testosterone bank at the expense of your health and wellness. There is no point of having a financial success, if your not going to be around to enjoy it.

Wealth/Health Beyond $$

Today in the modern world men are challenged to find other forms of expressing their manhood, sense of value, contributing to society, besides bring home the bacon! Men there is so much more wealth to experience besides the illusionary, self-identity cliché “show me the money” that the media and Hollywood spew out!

Wealth of knowledge

Wealth in happiness

Wealth in service

Wealth in adventure

Wealth in physically fit

Wealth in well-being

Wealth in family and friends

UberVitality is all about achieving success in all aspects of your human experience, particularly in health and wellness! The foundational pillars of real wealth begins with your well being, without a solid foundation, your existence can become like quicksand!

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