Vitamin D3 - the Hormonal Happy Pill

The ultimate life giver on the planet, without the 1,500 rays that are absorbed via the eyes, life on the planet would cease! Vitamin D3 is a critical hormone for hundreds of metabolic functions. And the most efficient form of getting your daily requirement of Vitamin D3 is thru its rays! Recently the RDA allowances have had to increase the daily requirements for Vitamin D3 a few times, as they finally recognize the critical health benefits.

Suffering From Winter Blues, Getting Sick Often?

Want to stay happy, young, cancer free, and have a strong immune system during the Winter months, then get 20-30 minutes of solar sun per day, or during winter take vitamin D3! There is a reason why humans can only get Vitamin D3 via the sun, or more recently Vitamin D3 thru dietary supplement. Vitamin D2 fortified in foods like in milk is not efficient way of getting usage form of vitamin D3. You can get morning, or afternoon sun to avoid high noon rays. Vitamin D3 is a powerful anti-oxidant against free-radical skin damage. Look at any culture (Russia, Norway, Siberia, etc) in the Northern Hemisphere where Vitamin D is limited during the winter, and you will notice the highest rates of alcoholism, depression and suicide! People that live in Southern Hemisphere are generally healthier, happier and live much longer.

Trying to apply all of this information into a daily health regimen can be overwhelming and a bit intimidating. The most successful approach is to take small steps towards a healthy lifestyle. Also, another option is use a health coach, anti-aging expert like UberVitality to motivate you and show you the most effective approach to get successful results!

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