Your DNA Zip Code & Light Requirements

dnasunAnother critical piece of the puzzle is understanding what type of solar environment your quantum being can thrive in. This means understanding the origins of your ancestral mitochondrial DNA. In other words, knowing where your maternal DNA linage (which comes from your grandmother and mother – sorry dads!) is from. I will use myself as an example without getting too much into detail at this point. My ancestral origin is from the equatorial latitude of near zero in Bogota, Colombia. In Boulder, CO, the latitude is 40 degrees above the equator, which means that my body requires much more sun than it can get here in Boulder. Here is your first clue about optimizing your quantum being! For example, take someone whos DNA linage is from California (30 degrees latitude) who now lives in on the East Coast at 50 degrees above the equator. In addition, they have a busy work and family life that does not allow them much time for outdoor activities during the high-light season of Spring and Summer. You can bet that between their DNA ancestral light requirements, the low-light exposure, and too much artificial blue light exposure of modern living they are almost guaranteed to have low levels of vitamin D. And this has a direct potential to cause serious health conditions, as well as to influence quality of life measures, such as being overweight. If they already have any kind of health issue and spend the majority of time in an artificial light environment, then most likely their health issue will get worse. It is not always a black-and-white correlation, because there are other environmental factors like the amount of non-native EMF pollution and individual mitochondrial sensitivity, which also plays a huge role. The devil is in the details when it comes to achieving optimal health and being disease free! If one does not take care of their human vehicle during this experience on earth, then who will? Modern medicine? Good luck, because once you take this route you will have lost control of your vitality and get on the downward spiral of dealing with all of the side-effects of pharmaceutical drugs.

How Do You Defy Aging?

Most people want to slow down the process of aging, so how do you do it? For starters, you have to love breaking the rules, meaning you cannot follow the heard and let societal norms define what is possible and what is not! You must start realizing that anything is possible and you can stay young longer if you have an open mind and heart! It starts with creating a new mindset towards the infinite possibilities: after all, we are H-U-man (higher universal man), and capable of influencing our reality.

I will use myself and my own athletic expression as an example, but there are many other ways to express your youthfulness. The point here is not to brag, but how many individuals do you know that can even train for a one-arm pull-up at the age of 50? Or even at 30 or 40? The point here is: it’s not only about strength, but more importantly about mindset! I whole-hearty believe that you can greatly influence your biological clock (genetic expression) with the right mindset and most importantly the right quantum environment! What I am saying is if you want to experience an UberVitality reality, then that means you are going to have to stop avoiding nature. You may have to change your living and work environment if that is what is depleting your quantum being. It may not necessarily be your fault, but nature does not care! Unbeknownst to the masses, modern living is actually killing you slowly and in some cases, like cancer, not so slowly. It’s up to you! The good news, I am here to help!

The first step in changing your perception about aging: do not allow anyone to define what is possible at your age. Society is constantly trying to box you in on multiple levels and when it comes to health and fear, and programming runs deep! For example, men that are 40 or 50 are already on some kind of high blood pressure drug, or statin for cholesterol, or prostate drug for PSA, etc.

Second rule: you are the only person that can define the physical and emotional limits of your human experience. So hey – why not test it and find out what you are made of? What I am referring to is tapping into that innate chi or prana by “activating your warrior spirit”, and that means knowing how to get back to your quantum self!

Lastly, there are specific health protocols on how to optimize your hormones and neurotransmitters and, if necessary, biohacking your living and work environment to stop the harmful non-native electromagnetic pollution that is slowly frying your mitochondria.

Nature, the Great Equalizer!

Despite the major advancements in science and medicine towards disease prevention, the brutal facts show that every disease is on the rise and two-thirds of Americans are over weight and 33 percent are considered obese! So much for modern health care, or is it something else that is causing every modern disease to grow like a hockey stick figure? Despite these facts, most Americans choose to act sheeple like and take the least path of resistance when it comes to taking responsibility for their own health by relying upon a healthcare system that does not understand the fundamentals of quantum health, or being disease free, let a lone healthy. I am constantly reminded of this when I see the same Pharmaca customers (young and middle aged) line-up for their prescription week after week! Your quantum body and mind is not deficient in any kind of drug, or vitamin  but what it is deficient in exposing your being to the right kind of light environment.  When it comes to optimizing your quantum being, nature does not care how wealthy you are, how many educational degrees you have, or what type of food or exercise dogma you subscribe too. Either you understand what fuels your quantum being, or you become a victim to chasing so many dead end solutions that never really address the underlying foundational health issue, let alone achieving optimal wellness. If it was just all about organic, local, gluten-free, paleo food trends, then why do diseases continue upon rising, despite living in the information age at our finger tips? I realize Boulder is an epicenter’s when comes to natural foods industry and a spiritual Mecca when comes to yoga and a hub for elite athletes. But despite their awareness and resource accessibility, I find they are ignorant when comes to understanding what activates and restores their critical hormones like testosterone, restorative sleep hormone melatonin, and the mood nuerotrannsimmter serotonin. I will leave you with this biological, quantum “truth.” “The less full spectrum light you expose the naked eye and the naked skin, the more you will rely upon food and supplements for your quantum energy needs.”

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