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Food Porn

Is Americana Culture Addicted to Food Porn?

Welcome to Hipsterville USA, where everyone from paleo to techie-geeks have one love in common, and it’s bacon! It’s the hippest, most premium costing meat to grace the gourmet scene. It’s the only guilt-free meat you can eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner and it’s everyone’s favorite hangover remedy! The love affair with bacon is just one […]

Suffering From DIET (Dogmatic Idiotic Extreme Torture)?

100 Million Americans Suffering From DIET!(Dogmatic Idiotic Extreme Torture) Does this sounds like an outrageous description about dieting? Not if you, or someone you know who is constantly suffering from the latest diet fad, merry-go-round caloric restrictive diet, excessive exercise regime and after all that work and sacrifice, and they still cannot get any real results! […]

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