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Wellness Industries Flourishing $$ – But Are Consumers Healthier?

If Health Is Simply Diet, Exercise & Medicine, Then Why Are So Many Sick? The modern day paradigm of staying healthy and slowing down aging revolves around three dominant wellness approaches: diet, fitness, and preventive medicine. Despite these flourishing industries providing easy access to healthy lifestyle through natural foods, health clubs and preventive information, we still see chronic […]

Spring Fitness HIT Training Class & Cold Therapy

Get Results! Adventure, Fun, Safe, Non-Competitive Fitness for All Levels! Lose that Stubborn Belly Fat by Activating Your Human Growth Hormone HGH (the youthful, recovery, strength increasing, fat burning hormone) HGH begins to decline at age 30 unless it is activated! Learn How To Increase Fat Burning By Food Timing & Frequency Consumption Traditional Diet […]

Suffering From DIET (Dogmatic Idiotic Extreme Torture)?

100 Million Americans Suffering From DIET!(Dogmatic Idiotic Extreme Torture) Does this sounds like an outrageous description about dieting? Not if you, or someone you know who is constantly suffering from the latest diet fad, merry-go-round caloric restrictive diet, excessive exercise regime and after all that work and sacrifice, and they still cannot get any real results! […]

Thrive At Any Age By Applying Science Based Nutrition & Fitness

Take Back Your Health Now!

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