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Can You Slow Down Aging?

In 2003, the Genome Project revealed a major scientific breakthrough when comes to understanding health and aging. Modern medicine is based upon the premise that you inherit 70% of your genetic health condition, i.e., heart disease, arthritis, and breast cancer gene. And you can only influence the other 30 percent of your genetics. Basically your […]

Treat Your Body Like a Formula One Racecar!

You may be an athlete, but your body still needs to be extremely efficient in order to remove all of the metabolic by-products from exercising. Like a high performance formula one racecar, your filter (liver) has to catch any foreign material (toxins) that can slow down its performance. Your body has a complex elimination system, […]

Men – How Do You Define Real Wealth?

Wealth can be expressed and experienced in various forms, and my observation is that if your sole experience of wealth is financial, then you’re limiting your full sense of abundance and happiness. Often the wealthier one is financially, usually translates to a state of poorer health, even though you have the resources to purchase high […]

Anti-Aging Diet

10 super-foods that actually slow down the aging process (cellular oxidative stressors) to make you look and feel ten years younger: The “Fat burner” foods: Coconut Oil increases your metabolism (burns fat): the MCT’s (medium chain triglycerides) this form of fat never gets deposited as typical saturated fat in the midsection, but rather the liver […]

Want To Stay in Good Mood?

The ultimate life giver on the planet, without the 1,500 rays that are absorbed via the eyes, life on the planet would cease! Vitamin D3 is a critical hormone for hundreds of metabolic functions. And the most efficient form of getting your daily requirement of Vitamin D3 is thru its rays! Recently the RDA allowances […]

Longevity Secrets to Looking 10 Years Younger!

From this photo you can call me a veggie-head! This photo was taken back in 1997 when I was the vitamin/herb dept. manager at Wild Oats in Denver. Seventeen years later, I still consider myself a veggie-head, in terms of still “walking the talk” about uber living thru cutting-edge nutrition and fitness. My nutritional counseling […]

Thrive At Any Age By Applying Science Based Nutrition & Fitness

Take Back Your Health Now!

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